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Brazilian Beaches That Should Be on Your Travel Bucket List

Kashmira Lad Oct 23, 2018
Brazilian beaches are known for their beauty and rocking nightlife. Here's a look at some of the most popular beaches in Brazil.
Beautiful white sand and cool turquoise bluish green water, make Brazilian beaches the most loved all over the world. They have a lot more in store for you. At any time of the year, you can find yourself getting a gorgeous suntan or partying the night away.
This country has a plethora of beaches that can turn anyone into a beach bum! Long coastlines dotted with pretty café's and long hours spent trying out water sports, makes them a most sought after destination amongst all beach lovers. Here are some of them.

Copacabana Beach

This beach is a hot spot especially for the New Years eve. It is located in the southern area of Rio de Janeiro. Its beauty is enhanced with the historic forts that are seen here. It also draws a reputation for being known as one of the best beaches in the world.
A fun time here would mean loads of fun in the sun with games such as volleyball. Beach volleyball has made its mark since the year 1930. Besides the natural beauty, bikinis are a permanent feature at the Copacabana beach.
New year celebrations bring together people of various nationalities. This is the time when fireworks, music, and dance go on till the wee hours in the morning. It is also the official place for the FIFA Beach Soccer World Cup. In addition, it has plenty of restaurants and diners for all the foodies.

Ipanema Beach

Located in the southern area of Rio de Janeiro, Ipanema beach has a mix of different cultures. Like all Brazilian beaches, offers white sand and loads of games and fun! A walk down the sandy shores would reveal people playing games, like beach volleyball, football, etc.
Swimming is also one of the popular activities. Although it is known as the family beach, one interesting factor you can note here is, one particular stretch known as the Gay Beach and also a flag to denote the same. At this beach, you can find the traditional drinks such as Cachaca and the Caipirinha along with beer.

Pipa Beach

It is located in the state of Rio Grande do Norte. It attracts people because of its fine white sand and cliffs that offer a scenic view of the place. A vast number of fine restaurants and nightclubs are run mostly by foreigners. This beach offers a cosmopolitan crowd.

Ponta Verde Beach

It is located in Macei√≥, in the city of Alagoas. Ponta Verde also remains to be the most frequented beach of Brazil. It's a popular spot because of the reefs, with tiny ponds formed during low tides.
It is frequented the most because of a certain part of land that projects out of the sea. This land is covered entirely with a green cover.

Toque-Toque Grande

It is located in the city of Sao Sebastiao. Although Grande means big in Portuguese, this beach is barely 300m long. The Toque-Toque Grande island is quite uninhabited by people. An ideal location for those wanting isolation and have a love for scuba diving.

Jericoacoara Beach

It is known for offering some of the most spectacular views in Brazil. It is located around 300 kms from Fortaleza. It is ideal for those who are looking for something different. It also proves to be an ideal spot for surfing.