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Budget Vacation Ideas for Couples

Romantic Yet Budget-friendly Vacation Ideas for Couples

It is not possible to take a luxury vacation during every holiday. And then, with so many options in budget vacations, why spend the money even if you have it? In this post, we'll look at 5 interesting, low-budget vacation ideas for couples.
Bhakti Satalkar
Last Updated: Dec 18, 2018
Everyone needs a break from their regular routine. Sometimes, couples need to take a break from children, work, and other responsibilities. But, with a tight budget, many couples do away with the idea of taking a vacation. However, there are several budget vacations you can choose from, which are easily available.
It is really possible to take a vacation with your loved one and yet not burn a hole in your pocket. You can now surprise, treat, and gift your better half with a vacation and thus, spend some much-needed quality time together. Take your pick!
5 Interesting Vacation Ideas on a Budget
Visit a National Park
Happy couple smiling and hugging by mountains
Visiting a national park is a great idea. Opt for a national park where you can camp for a day or two. Explore the park together, camp under the moonlit sky, and reach the park after a road trip. Choose the park keeping in mind your interests
Hit the Beach
Flying high thanks to young love
There are many state parks in the country that protect beaches along both the coasts. Visit any one of these parks and have fun at the beach. Look for a park that offers more than just the beach. This way, you buy yourself a beach vacation with more things to do.
Go on a Cruise
Cruising off to paradise
An affordable option is a cruise trip. Many cruises offer off-season packages, pick up a deal in less than half the amount. A good cruise takes a week or more; plan your holiday suitably.
Know Your City
Just look at that
Many a time, most people, end up taking their city for granted. We think we know everything about the city we live in.
This is, however, far from the truth. Make a list of places you haven't seen in your city, take two days and a weekend off, and visit all these places.
Rent Vacation Homes
Happy couple enjoying their vacation on spanish finca
Vacation homes, lodges, and villas can be easily rented. Rent one of these and stay indoors for your entire vacation, doing absolutely nothing but relaxing.
Again, off-season bookings come really cheap. If you want to save some more, rent these homes with another couple. You'll directly cut your cost by half.
Though these vacation ideas for couples are low-budget, they offer the same thing that luxurious holidays do - time you can spend together. Zero in on an idea of your choice and give romance a chance in your busy life.