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What Incredible Things Can You Do in Cancun, Mexico? Find Out Now

Things to Do in Cancun, Mexico
Cancun is a city on the eastern coast of Mexico. Shopping malls, movie theaters, kind-hearted people on its clean streets, and crystal clear water at its long beaches, welcome you with open arms. Know about the major attractions of this city in this article.
Prashant Magar
Last Updated: Aug 12, 2017
The architecture and lifestyle of Cancun city is a tribute to the political will of Mexican government. They have created some of the best facilities in the world for visitors of all ages. It has evolved from a small fishing village of a little more than a hundred people just four decades back to a population of 500,000 people. Every year, it hosts more than two million visitors. So plan out a long trip, if this city is on your list of places to visit.
Beaches and Water Sports
The vast ocean shaded with blue water and tinged with green, and the white, soft and inviting sand, are the biggest attractions. The beach resorts are a sheer delightful experience with their light and peculiar sand which stays cool even in the hot sun. Beaches in Mexico are public property and hence, everyone can bask in the sun and enjoy swimming or simply stroll on the magnificent expanse of Cancun. Snorkeling is a favorite pastime for many tourists here and the southern tip of the hotel zone offers excellent facilities for the same.
The hotel zone in this city is shaped like the number '7'. At the top of this 'seven figure' are beautiful turquoise blue beaches with white sand and shallow waters for quite a distance. It is a lovely place for swimming, water sports, and snorkeling. On the left side of the seven figure, is a salt water lagoon and marinas around provide jet skiing, kayaking, sailing, windsurfing, paragliding, and 'jungle tours'. Excursions by boats to the jungles of neighboring island of Isla Mujeres, a personal romantic jet-ski ride, dinner cruise on a 'pirate' ship, a lovely sunset, night fishing, or a visit to the coral reefs; this city is adorned with some of the most spectacular treats of nature.
Experiencing Cancun
Night life is abuzz with activities which include discos and bars to suit every taste. Laser shows, light displays, or the best international tracks playing in its array of discos and bars are a must visit for every party goer. You can visit the Aquatic Expedition, Riviera Maya to see the beautiful cenotes, a sacred entity for the locals. A 'cenote' is a sinkhole filled with water. The Yucatan peninsula near Cancun, which was originally below sea level has a peculiar limestone and coral bed formations below the ground. The rivers here flow underground and meet the sea. The potholes made by the gushing water are a big tourist attraction for the enormous natural charm they possess.
Chizen Itza, the capital of the ancient Mayan empire and one of the most beautiful ancient cities of the world, is close-by and an ideal place to visit. Adventure lovers can check the famous bull fights of this city which are also filled with colorful dances and fabulous music shows. But it is not for the faint-hearted as the mad sport can really be scary to watch. Sian Ka'an Biological Reserve is abuzz with wildlife, bird sanctuaries, and excellent theme parks, which incorporate astounding flora and fauna. This biosphere reserve is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and a good place for canal or a sunset tour. There are 23 archaeological sites here, most of which are over 2300 years old.
Shopping can really be fun here. If you are a shopping enthusiast, Plaza Flamingo, which is Cancun's Hollywood, May Fair Plaza, and Plaza Caracol shopping malls are bound to be on your itinerary. The La Isla Shopping mall, which has a village theme, is another popular shopping destination among tourists. Small canals ferry their way through the shopping centers that also boasts of an interactive aquarium and many restaurants.
Swimming with Dolphins
You can get close and friendly with lovely dolphins in a number of parks in and around this city. At 'Dolphin Discovery' in Isla Mujeres, you can avail an hourly class and swim with the dolphins. The 'Parque Nizuc' in Cancun includes sessions with dolphins and also has a water park and snorkeling activity with tame sharks and tropical fish.
In addition to all the attractions mentioned above, one can even get married in Cancun, which also happens to be one of the top honeymoon locations in the world. There are a lot of local agencies which assist in completing the legal formalities and you can have your dream wedding. So, the next time you plan a vacation, you might think of rekindling the romance in your life and experiencing the wonderful city of Cancun.
Cenote Underwater Cave in Mexico
Idyllic beach sunset