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Thoroughly Engrossing and Fun Cape Town Attractions for Kids

Cape Town Attractions for Kids
Cape Town is a remark of the enigmatic beauties of South Africa. And treating your kids to this paradise of adventures is a great escape for a fun filled holiday. Here are some Cape Town attractions for kids.
Dhanashree Patane
Last Updated: Apr 2, 2019
Vacations and holidays are those fun filled moments capturing the best of happiness and fun with kids. And when these vacations travel through the most exotic and adventurous locations, the happiness multiplies with each mile. So, are you planning to take the kids to one of the best and popular tourist attractions?
Cape Town Aerial Shot
Yes, we are talking about nature's own South Africa, and the hot spot of adventures and sheer fun with children in the 'Mother City' of Africa - Cape Town. Talking about its facts, this city is to fall in love with.
The serene passion of nature in its various forms with landscapes, beaches and forests, make this a favorite holiday spot. It is rapidly flourishing with its beauty that has made it a famous tourist attraction.
It has so many fun filled places that will keep your children packed with enjoyment, with the abundant treats of adventures and more, that Cape Town offers. Here, we have compiled some of the best attractions of this beautiful city for kids. Experience the fun as you read through each.
Things to do in Cape Town for Kids
Kids in tent
With excellent weather, mountains, beaches, forests, there is no scope for the kids to greet boredom. Get going to these fun filled attractions, with your kids, and experience some of the best activities for kids in Cape Town.
Table Mountain
Table Mountain
One of the best and most famous attractions is the table mountain. Go hiking, if the kids love adventure, or the famous cable car will help you take a tour of the table mountain.
Get the great views of the flora and the Cape of Good Hope, if you walk along to the center of the plateau towards the point in the evenings. The western path can lead you to some of the breathtaking sunsets and panoramic views of the bay.
Two Oceans Aquarium
Time to explore the aquatic treasure of Cape Town! The kids will love to take a tour through the famous two oceans aquarium.
This gets its name 'Two Oceans', as Cape Town is the remark of the meeting of the Indian and Atlantic oceans. Children will love the glimpse of the diverse and most amazing creatures of marine life, including sharks, seals, different species of fish and penguins too! They also arrange special study excursions for kids.
Planetarium and Museums
For the young astro-enthusiasts, this might be the best place to visit in city. The Cape Town planetarium, will give you a ride in the stars, and the universe as the multiple projectors close inside the dome of the auditorium, to create an illusion of the night sky. The kids will love the audio and visual moments of sheer thrill.
The South African Museum
Another well-known attraction that can appeal to the kids is the Iziko South African Museum. This museum has a treasured collection of the natural and cultural history.
Kirstenbosch National Botanical Gardens
Botanical Gardens
The best location to lay on the grass and fiddle with relaxation and fun is the Kirstenbosch Botanical Garden. You can plan a fun trip amidst the abundant flora of Cape Town.
You may spend a fun picnic day or travel up the mountain, along the well-trodden trails. The kids will love to explore the trees, plants and also get introduced to some of the many plants with culinary and medicinal properties. The location is perfect to laze around and take a stroll in the lap of nature.
Kirstenbosch National Botanical Garden
World of Birds and Butterfly World
World of Birds
Explore the world of the most amazing and varied species of birds. Being Africa's largest wildlife conservatory, this houses more than 3000 species of birds.
It also has the most colorful species of the wild, along with many species of monkeys. The kids will love to know these creatures closely, that too in their natural habitat. For the more colorful creatures of the sky, you must take the kids to the butterfly world which is one of the most loved Cape Town attractions for kids.
Boulders Beach
Boulders Beach
This is one attraction you would never want to miss in Cape Town. The plush sand packed golden grains, makes it one of the best beaches in South Africa.
The best thing for your kids are penguins that toddle their way to the sands. With beach side fun, will be penguins to keep your little ones thrilled and excited. It makes a great place for children to know the penguins and have photographic moments to cherish forever.
Some More Fun Activities
At Ratanga Junction, get a thrilling experience with some rides and activities in the city's theme park. At the Scratch Patch and Mineral World, children can waddle through a cave filled with semi precious stones, and explore the world of stones, gems and minerals.
Many others like the Blue Train offers kiddies a great view of the ocean. While Art jamming, and Indoor go-karting are places for games, arts, and indoor adventure playgrounds for kids.

After a long day, the kids can have a relaxing time with some of the best restaurants that take care of entertaining the kids with games, arts, and more.
Aerial View Of Capetown South Africa
So, think no further when packing for a great holiday to the city with nature's purest blessings - Cape Town. A lot of nature's treasures await to thrill your kids with a power-packed and fun-filled vacation!