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Tricks of the Trade - Ways to Buy Cheap Luggage Sets

Rutuja Jathar Mar 12, 2019
Buying cheap luggage is fairly easy and can be the best way to travel in style. Here are a couple of ways to buy cheap luggage sets.
Along with tickets and hotel bookings, finding suitable luggage is the priority of a person who is planning for a big trip. If you don't have a luggage set or the one that you have is already on its last legs, then it is better to start searching for newer ones.
But, what if you cannot arrange the cash for those costly luggage sets? The answer is to search for cheaper, yet comfortable ones. You can get trendy luggage at cheap rates. Of course, you need to take some efforts. To begin with, understand, there is no shortage of discount sets. The only thing that you need to do is to hunt down the right one of them all.

Points to Consider

► Well, prior to searching for the best luggage set, you need to be aware of your requirements, such as the number of bags and the size of each piece in the luggage set that you want to buy. You can get around 3 to 8 bags in one luggage set.
► Next, you need to consider the brand. But, remember that expensive designer luggage sets might be trendy, but may lack on the basic durability factor, with low quality material. Hence, rather than going for the brands, check the quality of luggage set that you are purchasing.
► Next, go through reviews of some of the top luggage selling brands, both online and in person. You can also get subscription to different consumer reports or wait for the closeout sales for luggage sets.

How to Buy Cheap Luggage

Online Stores

Online stores like eBay, Target, Walmart, Amazon, frequently provide a good deal on luggage sets. The best thing is that they offer freedom of navigation, by which you can go through a wide range of sets before you zero down on the one set that you find cheap.
As surprising as it may sound, but you can get luggage for as low as USD 25, while a whole luggage set may cost you somewhere around USD 100. Sometimes, you also get as much as 70% discount on the retail prices of many popular luggage brands, which is just amazing when it comes to finding low-priced luggage sets!

Closeout Sales

Closeout or clearance sales is the best time to hunt down some cute luggage sets and leather goods. Search in local yellow pages, online directory, or pay personal visits in nearest stores, and check whether any closeout sales are due.
If yes, then you can certainly wait for them and buy the sets then. Or, you can also buy the luggage even before planning any journey, when there are any sales around. Remember that most of the time, clearances for luggage opens right after major holidays.
Hence, you need to be alert in order to get the best sets for less. It might seem like a wastage of money, but do purchase a good luggage set for less if you can, since it proves to be a great help when the need arises.

Brand Shopping

You can opt for various brands like Traveler's Choice Amsterdam luggage sets, Samsonite Worldproof Luggage Sets, Atlantic Luggage Sets, Tumi Luggage Sets, Hartmann Luggage Sets, The Kenneth Cole Luggage Sets, Pathfinder Luggage Sets, Travelpro Luggage Sets, etc.
These brands always have great deals and sometimes bargain prices on carry-ons, handbags, attache cases, backpacks, laptop bags, duffles, hard-side briefcases, wheeled luggage accessories, leather and non-leather briefcases, totes, accessory cases, designer luggage bags, etc. Hence, they are worth giving a try.
Once you get the best or desired set of luggage, all that you need to do is to be aware of the luggage rules and regulations for your aircraft. Happy packing and bon voyage!