How to Get Cheap Train Fares

Shrinivas Kanade Jan 22, 2019
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Searching and opting for cheap train fares is not a difficult task. The ticketing system occasionally has discounts and schemes for travelers relieving them from the overburdening travel costs. Here is the information on the ways to get cheaper train fares.
If you are one of those travelers who is affected by jet lag after traveling by air, and back pain or stiff joints after traveling by the road, then traveling by a train is a better option. You can do so by finding ways to buy fares at a cheaper rate.

Cheap Rail Fares

Usually, the tickets are available to be bought as early as 3 months before the impending journey. If the traveling dates are determined, it becomes easier to get tickets on a reduced cost. The following list of guiding tips to buy cheap tickets may come in handy.
» Plan ahead for a long distance journey, preferably on a weekend because the commuting system would be free of the daily commuters which essentially puts you at an advantage. On weekends, the price for the tickets are discounted by a good extent.
» Go online and search for fares and pricing schemes on the website of the rail service, or visit a railway station to know in person. To obtain discounted fares, purchasing them directly from the station counter or the official website is also viable.

» Find the amount to be paid for a minor, and confirm if kids below the age of two years can travel free.
» If you are going to travel within US, you can obtain as much as 25 percent travel discount by clicking the 'hot deals' tab on the Amtrak website. This way you can also do away with the third party sources such as travel agents. The third party sources are known to charge enormous amounts for booking rates, increasing the overall expense of the tickets.
» Special discounts are available for students, veterans, senior citizens, or those who belong to the military.

» Another place where you can buy low cost tickets is the American Automobile Association. This institution can enable you to obtain cheap rail rates. These prices are not always available to the common public.
» The price paid for the tickets depends on the time and the season you choose to travel. A rail traveler pays more during spring, as it is the right time period. In contrary, fares are easily available for traveling in early spring or in the fall. If you are planning to travel during Christmas, Easter, or other holidays, then you may have to plan ahead.
» If your journey is spread over a time period, then going through special deals offered by the railway administration can be very useful in cutting down expenses. The time chosen may also be factored in for procuring tickets at low prices.
For instance, the price of the tickets bought late at night or early in the morning are relatively found to be low. While paying for the train ticket by credit card, check out which credit card company offers better discounts.
The key is to avoid traveling by rail during rush hours. The choice of not buying tickets at a peak time is another way of reducing ticket expenses. The rail companies advertise offers, travel discounts, special deals or passes from time to time attracting the travelers to choose the railways for their travel purposes.