7 Cheap Vacation Ideas That are Amazingly Wallet-friendly

Cheap Vacation Ideas
What could be more fun (and more economical) than traveling by car to an unknown place and staying there for free? Look up some places where you could put up a tent, like on the banks of a lake, or you could book a hiking lodge for a few dollars. You can make it a vacation with loads of activities, complete with barbecued dinners and sleeping bags!
We all need a vacation at least once in a year. Somewhere to go without having to worry about our day-to-day troubles and work. But the impact of the last recession still exists on our pockets. So how to take that much-needed vacation on a shoestring budget? With these ideas of course! These ideas are perfect for a few days of fun, and then again, won't burn a hole in your shallow pockets!

Right, so it's that time of the year where the parents are bored of their daily work and the kids are absolutely refusing to study or attend any more of those 'diagnostic' classes. Sounds like everyone needs a little break here! So where can you go on a family vacation?
Rent a Vacation Home
vacation home
I'm sure you must be knowing some rich friend or a rich relative who'd put you and your family up for a couple of nights. Or you could have your boss or some other person rent it to you too. If not these, then you can go to any of those vacation spots. The chances are that the owner won't be there in the off-season and will be happy to make a few bucks off the house. And it's a good vacation for you too!
Visit Relatives
visit relatives
Want an even cheaper option? Go stay at your relatives place. But make sure they're fun and aren't having someone over already!
Ideas for Couples
Want to take your loved one somewhere great and yet not have to cut your pockets open? Well, with these ideas, you can have your cake and eat it too!
Ski Lodges
ski lodge
Well, ski-lodges will be pretty uncool in the off-season, but you will still find some lodges with great prices which still seem off-season. You can go skiing and even hiking. And if you don't know, or don't like skiing, who cares? You and your partner could cuddle up and stay indoors!
Camping works as a cheap vacation idea for couples too! Beaches would be one of the best places to go with your partner. The long walks at night, with the sound of the waves and the soft water-soaked sand beneath your feet will totally bring back the romance for you. You could even share a sleeping bag at night!
Amusement Parks
Amusement Parks
Amusement parks are one of the best cheap vacation destinations for anyone, whether it is a couple or a family. The lodging will be cheap and there's so much to do. If the place is closer to home, so much the better!
Cruise Trips
Cruise Trips
Surprised? You might be because most people don't know how many cruise trips are available at cut-price rates off season. Cruises come in all prices, and if you get one of those self-service or pay-as-you-use ones, the expense becomes quite optional.
The cheapest option would be to stay at home and do nothing. Don't go to work, don't do the chores. Nothing. Just sit indoors and enjoy your house. Treat the house like a cheap motel and stay indoors and have some fun!
So these were some great ideas. As you can see, you don't always need to spend a fortune on your vacations. A little research will yield great ideas for a cheap vacation.
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