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Vacation Spots in Colombia You Must Visit

Sheetal Mandora Oct 1, 2019
Colombia vacation spots are quickly becoming one of the best travel destinations in the world. Find out which of the tourist spots are hot this year...
Colombia - the only risk is wanting to stay longer.
 ― The Republic of Colombia's tourism slogan
Colombia, officially known as the Republic of Colombia, is a country with a huge diversity that is bringing itself back on the travel maps and quickly reclaiming its place on travelers' itinerary. Anything you want to do on your family vacation to Colombia, you're going to get it.
☛ Carribean Beaches
☛Jungle Walks
☛ Whale Watching
☛ Coffee Plantations

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☛ Colonial Cities
☛ High-mountain Trekking
☛ Scuba Diving
☛ Surfing
☛ Amazon Safaris
The Colombian culture is rich in art, music, religion, and cuisine. If you are planning on taking a vacation with your friends, special someone or family, perhaps this can be of some help. After reading this, you can easily decide on which spots to consider.

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Where to Vacation in Colombia, South America

Although the Civil War had pretty much destroyed the name and security concerns for this gorgeous destination, now, after more than 50 years, the Republic of Colombia is safe for travelers to explore. In our article today, we are going to venture upon those travel destinations that are safe, fun, entertaining, and must-see for all.


Bogotá is Colombia's capital city and the largest as well. It has great cultural and historical spots that can captivate anyone who visits the place. It is 2,640 meters above sea level, hence it gives ample opportunities for sightseeing.
Here are some must-visit Bogotá vacation spots that makes the city one of the top 10 vacation spots ever.

The Gold Museum - Contains pre-Hispanic gold collection; considered to be world's biggest.

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☛ Monserrate - One of the hills, really romantic; great for sightseeing.
☛ Celestino Mutis Botanic Garden - Covered by forests, over 2,000 species of plants, great for nature walks, has lakes and waterfalls.

☛ La Candelaria - Museums, colonial architecture, churches, astronomical observatory and theaters.


Medellin is the second largest city in the country. It is apt to visit Medellin during August because it hosts Le Festival de Flores (The Festival of Flowers.)
The city has a great nightlife packed with tons of restaurants and shopping destinations. It wouldn't be tough to place Medellin on your hot tourist spots in Colombia.
Here are some must-visit spots that makes Medellin one of the best vacay spots ever. No wonder it's called the 'City of Eternal Spring'!

☛ Piedra de Penol Medellin

☛ Plaza Botero - Sculptures of famous artist Fernando Botero

☛ Parque Explora - Science and technology park, great for kids.

☛ Museum of Antiquia - Founded in 1871;108 pieces of art from Botero;

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☛ Bolivar Square - Best restaurants and shopping galleries; also has the Metropolitan Cathedral.

☛ Santo Domingo - Cable car ride that overlooks the town.


Cartagena is filled with ports, fortresses, monuments, gorgeous beaches and historical buildings. The city is considered as one of the most popular vacation spots by tourists.

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Here are some reasons why Cartagena is on our top vacation destinations in Colombia.
☛ Modern art museum.
☛ Trip to Islas del Rosario.
☛ Bocagrande - Famous tourist place.
☛ El Corralito de Piedra - Colonial village.
☛ Horse-drawn carriage rides.
☛ Naval museum.
☛ El Laguito - Tons of bars, restaurants and beaches.

Other Places to See

Besides the fabulous spots we discussed earlier, here are some more cities you shouldn't miss out on. Try to research on different Colombia vacation packages found online and grab every opportunity to include these cities.

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☛ Cali
☛  Santa Marta
☛  Manizales
☛  San Andres
Some of these vacation spots are often overlooked by many as they are planning their trips with family and friends. But it's essential to know various tourist spots in Colombia so that you actually give yourself an experience of a lifetime; truly the best family vacation (and friends as well). Isn't that the main reason we take holidays?