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These Couples Retreat Vacation Will Rekindle Your Love for Sure!

Aastha Dogra Sep 19, 2019
All couples should take holidays once in a while, to ensure that the "love" in between them remains alive and kicking! Read on for some romantic ideas on couples retreat vacations...
Every relationship goes through a dry spell. There are times when you two will not be "in" love with one another. Although, you do care for one another, yet the passion and love that pulled you in each other's arms is no longer felt with the same intensity!
If you are feeling the same way, have some comfort with the fact that you are not the only one who is going through these emotions. Often times, due to the hectic lifestyles that we lead, in the midst of various personal and professional commitments, when love goes out of the window, many of us do not even realize!
However, before it is too late and things go out of hand, ignite the same passion in your relationship, by spending some quality time together. A retreat to a quiet place, where nature is at its best and where you two can enjoy each other's company, is the ideal way to find the "lost" love!

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A Cottage in the Woods!

Now, nothing can get romantic than this one, can it? Book a cottage in the woods, away from the chaos of the city and in the wilderness. Walk hand in hand with your beloved in the woods, making your own path, in between the sky-touching trees.
Share a cozy dinner and drinks, in front of the fireplace. Take in the quietness of the place and leave behind the chaotic city life. Talk, share, make love and enjoy each other's company. Catch up on old times, reminiscing about the things that brought you two together. And try to recreate the same magic in your relationship again!

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A Seaside Resort!

Planning a retreat in no way means that you have to be away from the crowds. You can enjoy each other's company, even while being in the middle of a beach full of swimmers, surfers and sun bathers! So a great idea is to go to a seaside resort.
Enjoy a few cocktails together, while sun bathing and overlooking the sea. Go in for water sports and watch the evening sun go down. A seaside looks awesome in the night. Go for a walk with your partner in the night, feel the cold sand beneath your feet, hear the waves surfing up the shore and look at the beautiful moon above. A heavenly retreat, isn't it?

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A Luxury Cruise!

If you two like good food, a luxurious lifestyle and enjoy things that are "oh so upmarket", then a luxury cruise is the best vacation for you.
While on the cruise, you can participate in some of the most fun activities, swim together in the midst of ocean, enjoy the cool breeze and the vast view of the ocean while on the deck, taste international cuisines and drink high quality wines.
In between all these, you can talk, catch-up, romance and do whatever you want to! Food, romance, beauty, wines, luxury and the company of your sweetheart, a cruise offers all these and much more! Now, do you need anything else besides this?

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A Hotel in Your Own City!

If you cannot afford more than a couple of days and don't have the money either for an expensive holiday, then why not book a hotel room in your own city and spend some quiet time with your partner there?
If you search carefully, you will be able to get some good deals in hotels, with all the facilities such as room service, a swimming pool and a health spa. You can order food in the room or go to the restaurant and enjoy a quiet meal together.
You can take massages, if they are available at the spa of the hotel. Since you are planning this vacation to relax and reconnect, you will find plenty of time in the middle of all these activities, for it!
You can choose any of these, keeping your and your partner's interest in mind. In the end, consider this vacation as a new beginning, an opportunity to reach out, discover and love your partner, all over again!