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Enthralling Vacation Spots in Cuba

Marlene Alphonse Dec 3, 2019
The island country in the Caribbean islands is thronged by people from all over the world. There are many exotic Cuba vacation spots that are a favorite among tourists, due to the culture, climate, cuisine and a variety of other things this place offers.
Cuba is one of the largest and most beautiful Caribbean islands with its pristine beaches. It is one of the favorites among tourists since it caters to everyone's taste.
Besides tobacco and sugar industries, Cuba tourism which attracts thousands of tourists especially from the US is a source of currency.

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The Caribbean islands, with its tempting beaches, where the water can be seen in an array of hues, is a perfect choice for vacations, be it with the family, friends and even as a honeymoon destination.

Vacation Spots in Cuba

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The capital of Cuba and the leading commercial center, Havana is the largest city of this Caribbean island. Considered to be one of the most romantic cities, with warm tropical climate, Havana is ideal for spring break vacations for families.
You can even visit this place with your friends and have a whale of a time. The warm and crystalline waters of the Caribbean sea is sure to lure you for surfing.
You can learn salsa and mambo and also get a taste of the Latino culture. The city has guided tours to the museums, colonial monuments, enchanting palaces, etc.
There are also affordable hotels, where you can stay and that also serve delicious food. One of the popular Bed & Breakfast Inns is Casa Maura. As mentioned in the movie The Lost City, Havana is sure to attract you towards its architectural beauty.

Cayo Largo

Cayo Largo or Cayo Largo del Sur, as it is known in Cuba, is one of the most enticing places of this country. One of the most popular vacation spots, Cayo Largo is quite popular for its ecological beauty, which is a home for many species of birds and animals.
The clear waters of the sea are famous for the vibrant fauna and rare black corals.
There are guided tours, excursions and many recreational activities making it one of the best places for holidaying in Cuba.

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Considered to be a tourist's Mecca, Varadero is a resort town which is located in the Matanzas province. This town is popular for its white sandy beaches and cool blue waters. It is also called Playa Azul which in Spanish means blue beach.
There are also many places to visit like the Ambrosio Cave, Santa Catalina Cave, where you can seen the evidences of the pre-Columbian communities living there. You can also take a look at the paintings which have been preserved.
Take a ride in the catamarans and yachts to the nearby island Cayo Blanco and enjoy nature in its pristine beauty. This place is best suited for family vacations and can be a thrilling experience.

Cayo Coco

An island, located in central Cuba, Cayo Coco is quite popular for its luxurious beach resorts. You can enjoy night life in this Cuban city and also learn about the local customs and traditions. Cayo Coco is a must in your itinerary for beach vacations.
Get ready to lose yourself in many fun-filled and adventurous activities like snorkeling and deep-sea diving. There are also many restaurants that serve authentic Cuban cuisine, apart from the regular meals. This adventurous Cuba vacation spot is thronged by tourists all the year around.


Famous for small parks and historical infrastructures, Holguin has many tourist attractions. There are many museums that tell you about the glorious past of the country. For the religious, Holguin has many churches of various denominations.
Don't forget to visit the Loma de la Cruz (The Hill of the Cross) for a stunning view of the entire city. To enjoy the panoramic view, you have to climb the fort by the stairs which is situated on the top. Climbing approx 460 stairs is sure to be an unforgettable memory. Visit this place for a Christmas vacation for an altogether different experience.

Cayo Levisa

Famous as one of the world's best scuba diving sites, Cayo Levisa is situated off Pinar del Rio Cuba coast in the north. This beautiful and natural paradise has a lot of cheap hotels which offer amenities and even a boat service to the mainland.
Spend your summer vacation lazing on the beach, sipping mojitos and reading a book while lying on a hammock or just take a dip in the cool, crystal clear waters of the beach, the choice is yours. Enjoy this fun holiday destination with friends and family.

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A beautiful and lush green valley, Vinales is one of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Covered with beautiful landscapes and green valleys, you can seen the virgin beauty of nature at its best. 
You can even visit the tobacco plantations, for which the place is famous. There are also many endemic animals and birds which roam about freely. You can even spot some rare species of birds in the valley.

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Santiago de Cuba

The 2nd largest and the 2nd major city of Cuba, this city is a sea port, famous for its hospitality. The exotic city houses many ethnic groups and is a melting pot of different cultures. Don't miss the colorful carnivals and music clubs for which it is famous. There are also many bed and breakfast inns which suit every pocket.


Touring the country would be incomplete without visiting the 500-year-old city of Trinidad. A visit to this city will take you back to the colonial era. Lose yourself in stunning Spanish architecture in the form of palaces and plazas.
Tour through colorful houses lined with cobblestone streets in horse-drawn carriages and even by foot, the choice is yours. The beautiful Casilda Bay, with its pristine beaches, draws huge crowds of divers and snorkelers each year.
This city also houses a World Heritage Site, The Valley of the Sugar Mills, which has around 70 functional sugar mills, giving Cuba the title of 'sugar bowl of the world'.


Popular as the 'Pearl of the South', Cienfuegos is a beach town which has a number of buildings that are a visual feast to the eyes. There are many palaces which are built in the neo-Gothic style.

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Owing to a number of beaches and lagoons, this city has breath-taking views. A place of attraction, Castillo de Jagua, engulfed with a rocky shore, is thronged by tourists all the year round. It takes approximately an hour to reach this castle, by ferry.
These were some of the enigmatic and fascinating Cuba vacation spots. Choose any of the mentioned vacation destinations and pack your bags to have the most wonderful time of your life. Have fun!