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10 Destinations You Should Never Ever Visit With Your Family

10 Destinations You Should Never Visit With Your Family
A family vacation not only strengthens the bonds between family members but also increases the feeling of togetherness. Traveling can be fun and can create everlasting memories. But it goes without saying that there are certain places that should be avoided if one is visiting with family.
Meghraj Dhabale
Last Updated: Mar 8, 2018
Las Vegas
While Las Vegas has entertainment for visitors of all ages, the original 'Sin City' isn't a place where you would want your parents or kids following you. With every possible vice (in every parent's book), from booze to strip bars to casinos, luring you at every nook and corner, it would not be a nice idea to take your family along.
thailand pattaya
Pattaya has really beautiful beaches, tropical gardens, and family-friendly resorts, but after sundown the place just transforms itself into a paradise for hedonistic pleasures. A dream destination of every bachelor/bachelorette, the red light street, beach parties, and lady boys are sure to give you memories that are not worth sharing with your family.
The most visited destination in Brazil, Rio is known as the carnival capital of the world, and for good reason. Your family wouldn't enjoy seeing you having a jig with a host of ladies wearing close to nothing but jewels. Though it is much safer than a few years back, mugging, pick pocketing, and street crime is still high in some areas. If the carnival and crime were not reasons enough to deter you, the threat of Zika virus should definitely prompt a rethink for a family vacation.
caracas venezuela
While visiting Venezuela, witnessing the Angel Falls and experiencing the Teleferico (cable cars) ride is surely memorable, but according to the Foreign Policy Magazine, Caracas, its capital, is also considered to be the murder capital of the world. Armed robberies and street crime is rampant even in areas presumed to be safe and frequented by tourists. Kidnapping is also fairly common, not to mention drug trafficking. If all this does not get you thinking, then probably nothing will.
Well-known as the world's very own freezer, one may vividly imagine playing with the penguins, gawking at the seals, and spotting a polar bear in summer at Antarctica. But the bone-numbing temperature can make your life miserable even in the Southern summer. Mind you, a cruise or an expedition to Antarctica is not for the faint-hearted. However enticing the trip may seem, purely for the trying conditions, it wouldn't be prudent to take your family along.
acapulco mexico
Acclaimed as one of the best partying destinations in the world, Acapulco has a shimmering coastline, great beaches and restaurants, but sadly, there is another side to it - a really dangerous side. Acapulco is ranked as the second most violent city in the world. Hearing a gunshot or open firing on the streets is a normal thing in this city. Reason enough to give visiting it with your family a second thought.
The jewel of the Caribbean, Jamaica with sun-kissed pristine beaches and tourist-friendly resorts and hotels, is tropical paradise. But some areas are far from it. Parts of Kingston, (its capital) are rife with street violence, theft, and crime. Even as a solo traveler you would be well-advised not to visit these areas without local assistance. So it would be wise to stick to the safe confines of your resort or hotel if you decide to take a family vacation to this Caribbean island.
Boasting of large natural resources and beautiful forests like Sundarbans, Bangladesh is chaotic and fairly unstable (frequent nation-wide strikes and shutdowns). The capital Dhaka suffers massive traffic issues. Being one of the most densely populated nations on Earth, garbage, water pollution, hygiene, and lack of western food further add to your already teeming woes. If your idea of a family vacation is comfy resorts and serene pools, then you can surely give this destination a miss.
Contrary to what most people might believe, Afghanistan has some scenic places and tourist attractions to offer. But years of war have taken a toll on almost every aspect of life here. The locals too find it very difficult and unsafe to live here. Though renowned for their hospitality, the locals are still skeptical of westerners - tourist or otherwise. You will never want to compromise on safety while planning a family vacation.
With the conflict between government and anti-government troops escalating through the entire nation, no part of Syria is safe from violence. Kidnapping, bombings, and chemical warfare along with threats from terrorist organizations like ISIS and Al-Qaida make Syria, currently, the most dangerous place. After reading all this stuff, do you still plan to go on vacation here?
Some of you may be looking for budget destinations but traveling with family should not be at the cost of life, health, social adaptability, and morality. You personally may be willing to do something adventurous, but risking the life of dear ones can't be sensible.
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