Dive Into The Blue Hole Santa Rosa

Batul Nafisa Baxamusa May 4, 2019
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Looking for some adventure? The Blue Hole, Santa Rosa is a recently discovered natural water diving destination. Blue Hole is one of the 20+ lakes or sinkholes in Santa Rosa. This geological wonder is listed as one of the top 10 natural swimming holes in the U.S.
Blue Hole is a circular, bell-shaped pool located just off the famous Route 66, Santa Rosa, New Mexico. It was once upon a time a favorite spot for families on road trips down the Route 66. However, after two young divers were trapped and drowned in the pool’s tight underwater caves, it was covered by a metal grate.
In the year 2013, a few adventurous divers were allowed to probe the unexplored cave with the intention of mapping them. Soon, it was cleared of the years of debris and the passages opened.
Apart from being a beautiful scenic picnic spot; Blue Hole Santa Rosa scuba diving is quite famous among adventure seekers. You can rest and cool down near Blue Hole and enjoy a peaceful picnic lunch.
Spending a day at Blue Hole Santa Rosa costs nothing. There are no parking fees, swimming charges when you reach there for a day out. However, you will find there are no restrooms as well. Before you take a plunge for scuba diving, make sure you arrange it with the authorities. This is because you need a permit to scuba dive at Blue Hole Santa Rosa.
There are about 3,000 divers who are trained at the Blue Hole annually. You will find several shops that offer diving instructions. Keep in mind, the well is constantly refreshed with an underground aquifer.
The water temperature is constant at 62 °F (17 °C) regardless of the season. This is really cold even for divers who choose to wear a 7mm thick wetsuit. So, what are you waiting for? If you are at or around the Route 66, make sure to stop over. Blue Hole Santa Rosa will definitely be a refreshing stop during a midsummer trip.
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