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Do Not Miss Out on These Things to Do in New Orleans

Ketki Dongare Sep 20, 2019
New Orleans is a city profused with rich history, art, music, culture, and beguiling attractions. Plan the itinerary accordingly, and explore the eclectic neighborhoods of New Orleans.

Not to Miss Festivals!

New Orleans hosts 130 festivals every year. Be it a season, or art, music, food & drinks, multicultural, film and theater, name it and you will find a festival in New Orleans.

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Mardi Gras World- The King of New Orleans Festivals!
Costumes, drama, parades, food and drinks, and unlimited fun! Experience the 'behind the scenes' of Mardi Gras all year-round.

New Orleans Museums

Explore from the many museums; Art, History, Children’s, Nature, Religious, and Multicultural Museums for a deeper cultural understanding of New Orleans.
The Cabildo
Once a seat of government during the Spanish colonial period to Louisiana State Museum, the Cabildo is rich with the history of Louisiana.

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City Tours

Tour in the Crescent City, that is rich with cultures, traditions, architecture, and history ranging from Native American, French, Spanish, and many more. 
New Orleans Nightlife
Once the sun goes down, live music, old jazz, neon signs, dance clubs, and shining lights take on the streets of New Orleans.
Walk in the ‘Cities of the Dead’ Cemeteries
St. Louis Cemetery and Lafayette Cemetery are a must-see cemeteries.
Visit Swamps
Surrounded by mossy marshlands, New Orleans Swamps are a unique adventure. The swamp tour offers boat rides, alligator show, and a trip in the wildlife.
Culinary Tours
Indulge in the New Orleans food from the best local restaurants, live cooking and culinary events. Gumbo, Jambalaya, Pralines, Crawfish Etouffee, are the traditional dishes of New Orleans.

New Orleans Park

Jackson Square, Audubon Park, Lafayette Square, Louis Armstrong Park, and New Orleans City Park, are a few of the many city parks. Spend a beautiful evening localizing with New Orleans nature.
New Orleans City Park
The City Park, amongst the many other parks, has themed gardens, live concerts, amusement parks, art museums, and a closeness to nature.

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Must See Attractions

Wander in the narrow Cobblestone streets of the French Quarters, or ride in the streetcar. Relax in the parks, or visit some beautiful attractions.

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Bourbon Street
The vibrant street personifies the life of a party town.

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It is hip and happening place lit by neon sign boards. Old live jazz music, voodoo shops, fortune tellers, iconic pubs and bar, makes the Bourbon Street a place for revelry.

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Garden District
Away from the party scenes, Garden District is an assemblage of the city’s most beautiful homes lined with ivies, trees, and gardens.

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St. Louis Cathedral
St. Louis Cathedral, the oldest Catholic cathedral in the USA, is a cultural and architectural treasure of the French Quarter.
Chalmette Battlefield
The grounds that saw to the victory in the ‘Battle of New Orleans’, Chalmette Battlefield is an integral part of New Orleans. Visit the escapade, and watch the reenactment of the battle.