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15 Endangered Yet Magnificent Places To Visit Before They Disappear

Jhulin Bihari Jul 7, 2019
Hurry! Yeah you heard right, you need to travel and explore the endangered places in the world before they vanish. Over the next few decades, global warming, rising pollution, and other climatic changes are slowly but surely leading to the disappearance of these mesmerizing places.

Alaska, U.S.

The entire state of Alaska is listed as an endangered site because changes in climate patterns are taking a toll on the pristine yet fragile ecosystem of Alaska.
This is an exclusive region which, along with its uniqueness, is home to many plants and animals. The rapid melting of the snow is hampering the ecosystem, thereby endangering its plants and animals.

Glacier National Park, Montana, U.S.

It is also known as the "Crown of the Continent Ecosystem" because it retains all its native animal and plant species, not to mention its spectacular beauty and breathtaking views.
It once boasted of 150 glaciers, but with time, this number is shrinking rapidly. Climate variation is adversely affecting the fauna and flora of this natural wonder.

Everglades, Florida, U.S.

It was once filled with wetlands and lakes with a variety of wildlife thriving in it. But excessive drainage and nutrient pollution are disrupting the balance of this fragile ecosystem, severely affecting its wildlife.

Athabasca Glacier, Alberta, Canada

This famous glacier is spread across 2.3 square miles and is part of the Columbia Ice-field in Jasper National Park.
The glacier has been shrinking for the past few decades, but with the advent of rapid climatic changes, its thawing has increased dramatically, making it an endangered site.

The Poles

Both Antarctica and the Arctic showcase natural beauty at their best. Both regions are covered with icebergs and glaciers which give you enchanting and jaw-dropping views.
But both areas face a threat from climatic changes. The thawing of frost has severely affected the endemic species, pushing them into the endangered animals list.

Dead Sea, Eastern Israel

The only sea where you can float without any effort, also known as "Salt Sea", the Dead Sea is renowned for its healing properties. It is listed as an endangered site because it's shrinking ever so rapidly.
The river Jordan is the only source of water for the Dead sea, but the neighboring countries are drawing water, leaving little for the sea. Moreover, the sea is under great pressure from mining companies which extract minerals from it.


An island worth visiting for its fauna and flora, Madagascar is also home to the lemurs. But with continuous poaching, deforestation, and slash-and-burn farming techniques, the entire region's ecological balance is under serious threat.

The Alps, Europe

The beautiful snow covered Alps are known for being a skier's paradise, but with global climatic changes, the altered alpine hydrological cycle has led to rapid melting of the snow, leaving the mountains barren.

The Great Barrier Reef, Australia

This is a marine wonderland where the coral reef stretches for more than 2300 km north of Queensland.
But due to inundation of pollution, poor fishing, unorganized agricultural practices, coral bleaching, and erosion, it's existence is under serious threat. The rise in sea temperature is also causing widespread damage to the reef ecosystems worldwide.

Yangtze River Basin, China

This river basin provides habitat to a wide variety of fascinating species like pandas, porpoises, and snow leopards, but rapid and unrestricted urbanization, economic growth, and development are hampering the delicate ecosystem of the basin.

Galapagos Islands, Ecuador

This volcanic archipelago, which is now listed as a Natural World Heritage site, is popular among tourists due the wide variety of plant and animal species that call it home.
Noted evolutionist Charles Darwin, in his book "Origin Of Species", mentioned the Galapagos as the reason behind his theory of evolution. Illegal fishing and the huge influx of tourists are disturbing the balance of its ecosystem.

The Seychelles

This archipelago off the coast of Africa is the embodiment of tropical beauty. All the islands of this country are made of granite and coral.
The white sand beaches and aqua-blue water offer breathtakingly spectacular views, but recent changes in sea temperature is threatening to soon submerge the islands completely. Coral bleaching and erosion is also causing irreparable damage to the islands' marine ecosystem.

The Maldives

A low-lying tropical paradise, Maldives is a hugely popular tourist destination known for its magnificent beaches and azure blue waters. If the current rate of global warming continues, the ice caps will continue to melt rapidly, leading to a rise in sea levels.
Environmentalists predict that In a few decades, the probability of this tropical paradise getting submerged is very high.

Mt Kilimanjaro, Tanzania

A dormant volcano known for its snow-capped mountain summit, Mt. Kilimanjaro is popular among trekkers. This mountain supports all kinds of ecological systems. These ice caps have begun melting and are likely to vanish in the near future.

Congo Basin, West Africa

This basin is known for its tropical rainforest. This rainforest spreads across six nations and supports about 10,000 species of plants and 400 species of animals.
This is now considered endangered because millions of acres of forest lands are lost to deforestation, illegal logging, and guerrilla warfare. Many animal species are also facing extinction due to illegal poaching and hunting.