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9 Very Essential Tips for Traveling With Jewelry Safely

Essential Tips for Traveling with Jewelry
Carrying jewelry while traveling can bring about unnecessary stress for most women - what to pack, what to leave out, and of course, what if it gets lost. Stop all the fretting at once, as this story tells you exactly how to go about it.
Renuka Savant
Last Updated: Mar 1, 2019
Two birds, one stone, and all that!
If you're going someplace exotic for a vacation, why not leave all your jewelry at home, and shop for a few trinkets at your destination? This way, you rid the hassle of carrying it, and pick up some fabulous souvenirs too.
The mere thought of going shopping while on a vacation does set the right mood, every time. But one isn't always as fortunate. There are those other trips which require us to be dolled up in a certain manner―like going out of town for a wedding, or the holidays, or even perhaps the occasional business trip.
These are the kind of trips that warrant the need to carry jewelry, which quite honestly, can be harrowing for women who have a propensity to be a little preoccupied.

Lest you misplace or lose your precious pieces of jewelry, here are a few tips you need to keep in mind.
Know what to carry.
Jewelry in handbag
However tempted you might be to just pack everything, do remind yourself about the risks involved, especially if it's a heirloom or costs a fortune.
Remember the thumb rule, if losing the piece will cause you prolonged heartache, it's best to leave it at home. This doesn't mean that you avoid wearing your favorite piece of jewelry, but just consider the overall risk involved in carrying it.
Preferably, pick pieces that are versatile. This ensures that you're adequately accessorized, no matter what the outfit or occasion. In this regard, jewelry that has white stones set in silver tones is your best bet. Unlike gold, silver matches with almost anything, as do white stones―this is the kind of jewelry which is a timeless classic.
However, if you have a specific event to attend which has a color code to adhere to, you will obviously want to stick to it. But even in this case, it would be prudent to stick to the rule of carrying limited pieces.
Know how to carry it.
Jewelry in velvet pouch
If your luggage has enough room for jewelry boxes, you have nothing to worry about. But if you have a space crunch, pack your jewels in a velvet pouch, made specifically for this purpose.
If you don't have a velvet pouch, place your jewels between layers of cotton, wrap this in a soft cloth or kerchief, and place it in a Ziploc bag. You must ensure that the pieces do not undergo any kind of friction, or do not fall out of the bag when you're taking them out.
If you'll be flying to your destination, you may want to carry your jewels along with you in your cabin baggage. If you're carrying too many things in it, it would be better to place it in the checked-in luggage, lest you set off the metal detectors, and trigger an inspection.
Know how to keep it really safe.
Precious jewelry must be insured at any cost―do so if you haven't already. In case your collection is insured, contact your agent to know the company's portable coverage rules. If need be, upgrade your policy to cover any thefts or damage caused when you're out of town.
Tips to Care for Your Jewelry While Traveling
✤ Going to the beach? Saltwater and coastal moisture can cause irreparable damage to your jewelry. Carrying fake jewelry is not only safe, but convenient as well.

✤ The use of cosmetics like sunscreens, moisturizers, and perfumes can dull the luster of your jewelry; take care while using these products.

✤ If you plan to roam in crowded areas, keep your accessories to a minimum. It would be better to store them in your hotel's safe.

✤ Women tend to remove their rings while washing their hands―please remember to collect it before you exit the restroom.
Regardless of whether you're traveling for business or leisure, your trip needs to be stress-free. Carrying precious cargo in the form of jewelry can be a bit bothersome, but be vigilant at all times, and there's no stopping you from flaunting your gorgeous accessories.