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Exciting Things to Do in Bimini, Bahamas

Nupur Lakhe Aug 19, 2019
Bimini Islands with clear blue water and white sands is a great place to cherish your vacations. Make it exciting by choosing the various adventure sports this place offers or relax by the beach simply soaking in the beauty which stretches across horizon.


The remains of a ship wreck off the coast of Bimini, SS Sapona that used to be a concrete steamer built during World War 1, is a must-stop snorkeling spot.
One can never tire of watching a beautiful sunset. With seagulls in the frame, a sunset at Bimini makes for a perfect postcard picture.
The panoramic blue ocean view stretching as far as our eye can see is simply beautiful.

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Bimini Big Game Resort and Marina

Spend a posh day at the resort. It is an apt place for those interested in Yachts, as the dock provides a handsome view of the pier.

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Bimini Undersea

An adventure sport body that provides for all the water activities in Bimini. Snorkeling, Scuba Diving, Paddle board kayaking, they have it all covered. Book a day of enthusiasm with them.
Scuba Diving in a coral reef is a must do, when in Bimini. Enjoy the vivid colors of the reef and the marine life passing by.

Dolphin house

It is a delightfully small museum built by a local with all-recycled items. It was opened in 1993. Do plan a visit to check out its beauty.

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Bimini Sharklab

It is a world known facility that has been studying the sharks of Bimini for over 25 years now. Book a day to take a tour of what the lab offers- shark excursions and a hands-on educational research experience.

Bimini Road

Underwater natural rock formation which is also sometimes doubted as the ruined highway of the lost city Atlantis. The historians are still puzzling over this flat stretch.

What's Below the Blue Water?

Bimini offers a lot of scuba diving and snorkeling spots. Tuna Alley, Rainbow Reef and Victory Reef are some popular ones.

Stones of Atlantis

A 300-foot long rock formation above water, around 5,000-10,000 years old, is now a popular diving site for adventurous divers.