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Explore Cuba's 'Pearl of the South' - Cienfuegos

Aishwarya Karwa Sep 27, 2019
Cienfuegos is a spectacular jewel located on the Caribbean coastline of Cuba. Discover the ravishing French enamor of Cienfuegos, the little Paris in Cuba, through its various French architectures, as France was its colonial ruler. Check out the lowdown on some of best things to do in Cienfuegos, Cuba.

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Punta Gorda

Lone destination with a bunch of great attractions and activities, Punta Gorda is an upper-end locale situated at the edge of Cienfuegos Bay. Explore the area on foot or pedal along the bike trails.

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Rancho Luna Beach

If you're looking for a quietude beach experience, a nice sunbath or a dip in the gleaming beach waters in Cienfuegos, then Rancho Luna it is!

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Scuba Diving

Cienfuegos is popular among the vacationers for its clean water diving sport. At Kerchief Point, location Cameroneros I and II, divers can get a sneak peek of splendid coral formations and diverse marine life.

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El Nicho Waterfalls

Cool off under the cascading streams of water, as the place forms a large pool beneath, bedecked with lush greenery. Sounds like an earthly paradise, right? Well, El Nicho Waterfalls are pretty much it.

Jose Marti Park

The heart of Cienfuegos, Jose Marti Park is an ideal place to take a relaxing stroll. Most of the town's shopping centres are around this park, so you might as well treat yourself with the Cuban souvenirs!

Cathedral of Cienfuegos

A Cuban landmark built in Neoclassical style with French-tinged glass windows and traces of Chinese writing in its columns. Diversity is at its best here, which is why it's a must-visit place!

Ferrer Palace

The Ferrer Palace (Palacio Ferrer) is a classic example of Neo Rococo style architecture of the late 19th century. Make sure you climb the Palace's stairs leading you atop and enjoy amazing views of the town!

Teatro Tomas Terry

Embellished frescoes and Cuban woods that are etched with hands make the theatre equally impressive from both outside and inside.

Palacio del Valle

Located in Punta Gorda, Palace of Valle (Palacio del Valle) is an architectural edifice inspired by Moorish, Mudejar, Baroque and Romanesque styles. Don't forget to have the Cuban cuisine and drinks at its restaurant and terrace bar.

City Hall

Once recognised by UNESCO, this silvery-gray construction stands out as a historical landmark in Cienfuegos, from where its Government operates. Visitors aren't allowed inside the hall but you definitely can steal a look from outside!


If you don't ride Cienfuegos' unique Bicitaxi, you haven't really had a 'truly Cuban' vacation! It is a human-powered taxi that will help you explore every corner of the town in a Cuban way.