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Explore the Amazing Places of Acapulco, Mexico

Vinam Pachkhede Jul 26, 2019
Seek out for nerve-wrecking adventures, wonderful sightseeing, and historical, cultural visits when in Acapulco, Mexico. Apart from places to visit, do not miss on some interesting activities.

La Quebrada

Cliff diving shows are also conducted since 1934. Here you'll see people twisting and turning in air and finally landing into the waters.

Fort San Diego

The place for History fanatic! Get to know about fort's defensive features. Explore the museum and stroll through Acapulco's history.

Our Lady Of Solitude Cathedral

The architecture of this 119 years old cathedral is inspired from Noe-colonial to Moorish and Byzantine styles. Golden, blue work on the tomb and towers will leave you in awe.

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La Roqueta Island

Amused about the life under water? Go snorkelling at the La Roqueta Island, blessed with wide range of tropical fish, flora and fauna.

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Isla La Roqueta

Explore fish species, coral reefs, flora and fauna through glass bottom boat ride. Hit different beaches to indulge in water sports and traditional sea food.

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Palma Sola Archaeological Site

Trek deep into the forest to find the site. It features Petroglyphs (rock carvings) from 200 BC – 600 AD depicting the life cycle and community life.

Papagayo Park

Paradise for kids! Offering numerous recreational activities like fairs, sports library. The ecological reserve has three artificial lakes.

Coyuca Lagoon

Bird watchers will be keen to visit this spot. It's a jungle shore line, featured in popular movies like Rambo 2, The African Queen, and Tarzan.

Some Interesting Things to Do

Release Sea Turtles

Between June and November you'll get to release sea turtles. Contact the different organisations involved in the initiative to engage the magical moment.
The turtle eggs are collected and brought to retrieval camps in order to save them from predators. Once the eggs are hatched, the baby turtles are released into the sea, a sight to behold!

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Enjoy the Night Life

Visit one of the nightclubs in Acapulco for a relaxing evening. Recommended are Palladium, Hard Rock Cafe, Siboney Piano Bar, Mandara.