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Explore these Stunning Beaches in Japan

Ritika Khandelwal Sep 23, 2019
Japan might not immediately come to mind as a beach destination, but this island country with the Pacific Ocean on one side and the Sea of Japan and East China Sea on the other, has some spectacular picturesque beaches. Consider taking a break for an enjoyable vacation at these alluring Japanese beaches.

Jodogahama Beach

Jodogahama Beach, a.k.a 'Pure Land Beach' is one of the most scenic places in Japan.
The calm waters dotted with jagged rocks strike the eyes of the visitors. It is one of the best swimming spots in Japan during summer.

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Zanpa Beach

Located prior to Cape Zanpa, this pure-white sand beach surrounded by coral reefs is a must visit. Sight Cape Zanpa and ofcourse the lighthouse. You can also stroll to the top of the cliffs of Cape Zanpa.

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Miho Beach

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Miho Peninsula extends from Shizuoka City, elongating into Suruga Bay, is surrounded by beautiful Japanese pine woods and is famous for swimming. But, it's the Mt. Fuji which dominates the beach.

Shirahama Beach

Shirahama Beach which translates to white sand beach, is one of the most famous attractions of Izu Peninsula.
And it is a perfect place to chill, soak sun, surf, snorkel and swim especially during the sweaty summers.

Manza Beach

Manza Beach is an iconic and the most popular beach, with lots of water sports activities for those who are enthusiastic about adventuring in tropical islands.
From Manza Beach, you can sight the scenic Cape Manzamo, just offshore. It's a typical cape with elephant like structure.

Sesoko Beach

Sesoko Beach is a beautiful natural beach, which is 800m long and is located on Sesoko Island.

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The small island is connected to Okinawa's main Island by a bridge. You can also visit other pristine beaches around the Island.

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Teenu Beach

This beautiful beach with the heart-shaped rock in the middle of the water gives you an unforgettable experience, This amazing spot is reached right after crossing the Kouri-ohashi bridge. It has now become a popular tourist attraction as people plan a romantic visit here.

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Mibaru Beach

Just south of Okinawa, you'll stumble upon a gem known as Mibaru Beach, a beautiful serene beach with various rock formations in and out of the water.