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Explore 9 of the Best Beaches in Jamaica

Ishwari Pamu Jul 11, 2019
An island nation defined by reggae music, Bob Marley, jerk chicken, and Blue Mountain coffee, has some of the best beaches with calm turquoise-blue Caribbean waters and glistening white sands.

Frenchman’s Cove

Vegetated rocky cliffs, clear cerulean skies and the clean turquoise-blue waters come together to form the most beautiful beach in Jamaica.

Doctor’s Cave Beach

Famed for its golden sand and calm turquoise water, this beach is in the heart of Montego Bay. The glass-bottom boat ride is a must-try.

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Mammee Bay Beach

Located 15 minutes away from Ocho Rios, it’s a half-private and half-public beach. The sunsets here are unparalleled.

Seven Mile Beach

With seven miles of uninterrupted glistening white sand, it is the longest beach in Jamaica. Hence the name. You can enjoy live reggae music every week and scrumptious snacks on the beach.

Winnifred Beach

One of the last remaining free public beaches, it’s a favorite among the locals. Take a swim in the water or chill out under the almond trees among the natives, who, by the way, are the sweetest.

James Bond Beach

This is where Ian Fleming wrote his James Bond novels along with many other books. The waters of this secluded beach are excellent for water sports.

Lime Cay

This white sand beach is practically uninhabited and is popular for sunbathing and snorkeling.

Bamboo Beach

Formerly known as the Reggae Beach, the afternoons here are made energetic by musicians and dancers and the evenings are mellow with live reggae and bonfires.

Treasure Beach

This gem on the southern shore is where you go if you are looking for some quiet and tranquility. It’s never as crowded as the other beaches.