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Exploring the Mythical Loch Ness, Scotland

Prachi Dharap Dec 3, 2019
Lets explore the large, deep, and mysterious freshwater lake in the Scottish Highlands. The loch (lake) is rumored for monster sightings, which make it a top destination for all the mystery lovers.
Loch Ness is one of the best lakes for swimming, as even the Scottish winters are incapable of freezing it. Plus swimming in the Loch Ness has a touch of mystery to it, right?
The mysterious dark color of the lake is attributable to peat particles floating in the water.
The lake is rumored to house the Loch Ness Monster called as Nessie. Nessie means pure in Scottish.
The lake was formed roughly 10,000 years ago. Certainly historic enough for having secrets...!
It is believed that there have been thousands of the Loch Ness monster sightings since the first one in 565 AD, as mentioned in St. Columba’s biography.
Along with being mysterious, it is said that the lake is breathtakingly beautiful. You have to explore the north as well as the south banks for some impressive views.
The south banks of the Loch Ness are quite tranquil. Hike the steep trail to Falls of Foyers hidden among the woods for some beautiful views.
Visit 7 themed Loch Ness Center & Exhibition for a scientific approach on the mystery monster.
The exhibitions at Loch Ness Center are educational and entertaining while keeping the sense of mystery alive.
Learn about the thousands of years of dramatic history at the Urquhart Castle. See the reminder of the past times or take in the panoramic views of the loch. So much to do and see!
Visit a quaint hamlet of Invermoriston on the way to Fort Augustus. Sit down for a meal at a pub on the banks of Caledonian Canal watching the boats cruising past the locks.

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Cruise along the Caledonian Canal which opens in the Loch Ness. The alluring scenery will take your boating holiday an extra mile.
Rest your tired feet while you gorge on cakes and fresh sandwiches at the dainty Waterfall Cafe opposite Falls of Foyers.