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Facts About Hong Kong That'll Pretty Much Grab Your Interest

Stephen Rampur Jul 7, 2019
A majority of people are confused whether Hong Kong is a city or a country. This region in Asia has a very unique kind of governance policy which was adopted by a treaty between the British and the Chinese. Read some interesting facts about the vibrant Hong Kong!
It is said that Hong Kong is one of the most developed places on the globe. It is among the two Special Administrative Regions (SARs) of People's Republic of China; the other being Macau. Hong Kong is located in the eastern part of Asian continent, on south coast of China.
It is quite famous for its natural harbor, cultural heritage, an extended skyline, and scenic beauty. Most of us might wonder if it is a proper city, a region or a separate country altogether.
One of the most interesting facts about Hong Kong is that until 1997, it was under the rule of the United Kingdom and was run by a governor. During its handover by the UK to China in 1997, there were about 30,000 Britishers staying there. Geographically, it is a part of China, but functionally it is not.

Hong Kong Governance - The Basic Law

It is a contract between China and UK about the overall administration. It follows the 'One Country, Two Systems' principle, so there are many debates on the ownership of Hong Kong as a separate region or a part of China.
As per law, the socialism adopted in China is not applicable in Hong Kong. A capitalist system is implemented instead. It also includes clauses that Hong Kong will have its own separate currency and government system for 50 years from 1997.
This is where this city is different from China in terms of governance. Remember that China has control over the city's defense and foreign affairs, but is not involved in financial and social matters.

Hong Kong Travel and Immigration Laws

Residents need to have a separate passport, (HKSAR). Tourists to the city from USA, Australia, Germany, New Zealand, Canada, and Singapore get a 90-day visa-free stay. For UK citizens, this period extends to 180 days, whereas for Indians, it is 14 days.
Any foreigner thinking of staying in this country for more than the visa-free period will have to apply for a visa. Surprisingly, traveling from Hong Kong to China also requires a Chinese visa. Those who want to visit the city from China will need an exit-entry permit.

Interesting Facts about Hong Kong

★ As per latest survey, about 7,448,900 people residing in Hong Kong.
★ A funeral ceremony includes burning of things that are believed to help the deceased in their life after death.

★ There is an annual bun festival held in Cheung Chau Island between April and May to please the hungry spirits that people consider to be wandering around the island.
★ Owing to the Basic Law, this city uses the Hong Kong dollar as currency. It is not valid in other Chinese regions. The Renminbi, which is the Chinese currency, cannot be used for trade in Hong Kong, except at a few places.
★ The word 'Hong Kong' relates to Fragrant Harbor, with the official name for the city being Hong Kong Special Administrative Region or Hong Kong SAR.

★ Cantonese and English are official languages of this city, though you may find people not good at English.
★ With above 9000 high-rise buildings, the city is regarded as one with the most skyscrapers.

★ Though it is a city, it is believed to be the 11th largest trading economy in the world, with most trade being with mainland China.
★ The Hong Kong SAR comprises other regions as well; such as the Hong Kong Island, Kowloon Peninsula, Lantau Island, and miscellaneous islands. It consists of the Victoria Harbour, which is one of the most beautiful harbors in the world.
★ You will be surprised to know that vehicles in this country are driven on the left side, whereas those in China on the right.
★ According to its culture and beliefs, if long noodles are eaten on a person's birthday, he lives longer.
★ People and businessmen in the city are strong believers of Feng Shui.
★ You know something? Bruce Lee and Jackie Chan come from this country.
Due to the implementation of the Hong Kong Basic Law, there have been many differences in the administrative system of China and that of this city. If you want to visit a place with a mix of eastern and western cultures, Hong Kong is the place to be!