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Kick-ass Facts About Paris, France

Deepa Kartha Oct 1, 2019
Paris, the largest city of France, is known for its beauty and culture. Here are some facts about this enchanting city.
Paris, the capital of France, is situated in the North Central part of the country. This city of lights has a population of about 2,206,488 but the Paris aire urbaine or metropolitan city is reported to have a population of 12,405,426 as of 2013 which makes it the most populated metropolitan city in Eurozone.
Paris has a great historical and cultural heritage, and is a hub of education, business, science, politics, fashion, shopping, arts and media. Paris is said to have existed for more than 2000 years, and the early inhabitants of Paris were Parisii, a Gaulish tribe that settled in the city during the pre-Roman era.
The name of the city is said to have been derived from the name of this tribe. Later, the city of Paris was attacked by other countries and influenced by other cultures, and each one of them have left their mark on this city.

Its Physical Characteristics

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Paris is located on the Seine river and has two natural islands, Ile de la Cite and Ile Saint-Louis, which are connected to the city by bridges.
Paris is a flat terrain and has an oval structure, with an area of 105.39 square kilometers and is near the Bay of Biscay and the English Channel in Western Europe. Rouen, Orleans, Amiens, Reims and La Mans are the neighboring cities of Paris.

The Climate

Paris has a moderate climate and the city's average temperature in winter is around 3°C to 8°C and the temperature in summer can be as high as 25°C and as low as 15°C.
However, Paris has had its share of extreme temperatures during the heat wave of 2003 and the cold wave of 2006. Rains can be expected anytime during the year, though, they are not heavy showers and it pours only for a short span of time. It rarely snows in Paris.

Locations and Monuments

The city of Paris houses magnificent monuments with fabulous architectural works. These monuments reflect the proud historical past of Paris. Some popular monuments are Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame Cathedral, Louvre Museum, Arc de Triomphe and Versailles Palace.

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The Eiffel Tower is 324 meters in height, weighs about 7300 tons, and is one of the highest structures in the world.

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The Notre Dame Cathedral is situated on Ile de la Cite and is one of the best examples of the French Gothic architecture.

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The Louvre Museum is popular for its invaluable collection of sculptures, paintings and artifacts. The architecture of the Louvre museum has the touch of every ruler who ruled the city and is the most-visited museum in the world.

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The Champs Elysees is one of the most famous locations for fashion and entertainment, which is flanked by a good deal of cinemas, hotels, theaters, restaurants, etc. It is like heaven for people who love shopping for luxurious goods and products.
The Disneyland Resort is another very popular tourist spot in Paris.

Tourism and Culture

Paris is well-known as the most romantic city in the world and is immensely popular among couples. It is one of the most favorite locations among tourists, with an average of 45 million people visiting the city every year.
Paris houses many museums, theaters and opera houses. Opera Garnier and Opera Bastille are two of the largest opera houses of Paris. Films and television are the most popular media amongst the Parisians.
Exotic cuisines and delicacies from every part of the country can be found in Paris. Paris is known for its expensive and luxurious living and is the center for latest fashion trends.
Some of the major festivals in Paris are Christmas, Bastille Day and the beginning of French Renaissance, which is celebrated on July 14.
The city of Paris is an amalgamation of ancient civilizations and modern cultures. It is said that people who visit Paris once, fall in love with this beautiful city forever.