Fastest Roller Coaster in the World

Roller coasters have been introduced for our sheer entertainment, however, some are made to purely freak us out. Let's take a look at the fastest roller coaster existing today.
Vacayholics Staff
The thrill and excitement left on one's face after a roller coaster ride is truly priceless! Thrill seekers and coaster enthusiasts are always on the lookout for new high-tech coasters, that will blow the wind off their sails.
The sharp turns, high g-forces, descends, etc., conduce to an ultimate adventure experience. Scores of architects and engineers are constantly coming up with faster, taller, and better coasters, to give riders the ultimate roller coaster experience.
Which is the Tallest and Fastest Roller Coaster in the World?
The title for the highest and fastest roller coaster in the world belongs to Kingda Ka, of Six Flags Great Adventure amusement park in Jackson, New Jersey, USA. The champion Kingda Ka enjoyed this glory for almost four years, from 2005 to 2009, by accelerating at a speed of 128 mph, in 3.5 seconds and reaching a height of 456 feet. Wow what co-ordinates! If this record is to be broken, we definitely need an Usain bolt in the roller coaster stratum.
Kingda Ka uses hydraulic motors to launch its coaster train. Passengers are propelled from zero to 128 mph, in less than four seconds, before climbing the main tower at a vertical angle. Over the apex comes the mind-blowing vertical descent, unfolding a 270 spiral as the coaster train falls at a speed of 100 mph. This entire titillating ride takes only 28 seconds of your life. Imagine the fastest one minute of your life!
Potential Record Breaker
Ring Racer of Nürburgring, Germany, is a Formula One-themed roller coaster that was due to open on 15 August, 2009. Manufactured by S&S Power system, this coaster features a pneumatic launch, and is supposed to raise the speed bar to 134.8 mph in 2.5 seconds. Had it opened, Kingda Ka would have lost its glorious title. However, due to some defects in the launch system, the opening of the much-awaited Ring Racer had to be delayed. So, Kingda Ka still reigns!
Other Fast Roller Coasters
Top Thrill Dragster
Top Thrill Dragster at Cedar Point, Sandusky, Ohio, USA features a titillating climb of 420 feet. Accelerating at a speed of 120 mph in less than 4 seconds, this legendary coaster was the first strata coaster to climb over 400 feet. The entire ride takes 17 seconds. Before the Kingda Ka came about, this one was the fastest roller coaster in the world.
Dodonpa of Fuji-Q Highland, Fujiyoshida, Yamanashi, Japan is a steel sit-down roller coaster with a compressed air launch. It reaches a height of 170 feet at a speed of 107 mph in less than 2 seconds. The entire ride takes 55 seconds.
Tower of Terror
Tower of Terror in Queensland, Australia uses linear synchronous motors to shoot up an L-shaped track. It is reported to be the tallest and fastest roller coaster in the Southern Hemisphere. This steel reverse free fall roller coaster, unlike other coasters makes only vertical moves, thus, is not considered a true roller coaster by many coaster enthusiasts. However, it does thrill riders with its 38 stories climb at a speed of 100 mph climb in seven seconds.
Superman The Escape
Superman The Escape, of Six Flags Magic Mountain, Valencia, California, USA was launched in 1997. This coaster is similar to Australia's Tower of Terror, except for the fact that it rises higher (to a height of 41 stories), before pausing and dropping back down. The coaster accelerates at a speed of 100 mph in 7 seconds.
Steel Dragon 2000
Steel Dragon 2000 of Nagashima Spa Land, Mie Prefecture, Japan was built to celebrate the 'Year of the Dragon'. It happens to be the tallest roller coaster to utilize a traditional chain lift. It also holds the record for the longest track length of 8133 feet, 2 inches. It accelerates at a speed of 95 mph. Since this roller coaster steel giant has been built in an earthquake prone zone, its construction required enormous amounts of steel.
These were some of the fastest roller coasters in the world. However, even today the prestigious title of the fastest roller coaster in the world belongs to Kingda Ka of New Jersey. So, go check it out!