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Fun Things to Do in Montreal

Priya Johnson May 14, 2019
Nicknamed the ‘Paris of Canada’, Montreal offers a lot to voracious tourists. You can choose your own unique way to explore the city; adrenaline-pumping zip-lining, local food touring, etc. View the city from the tallest tower, observation wheel, or even from a boat spa.

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Montreal Observation Wheel

A trip to Montreal is incomplete without a ride on Canada’s tallest and largest observation wheel.

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The wheel has 42 pods, each fitted with comfortable seating, air-conditioning, and clear glass for the finest view. It gives you a panoramic view of the city from a height of 60m.

Old Port Montreal Zip-Line

Another adventurous, adrenaline-pumping way to explore Montreal is by zip-lining 1200 feet across the city.

A trip across Canada’s first urban zip-line circuit is definitely the most thrilling way to travel across the Old Port.

Montreal Tower Observatory

The tallest inclined tower in the world, this Montreal’s architectural marvel is 541 feet tall and tilts at an angle of 45 degrees. You can view the city from the tower's observation decks.

Bota Bota Spa

Another unique way to enjoy the city is by going for a spa on the city’s boat spa! Unlike the usual spas, Montreal’s Bota Bota spa is a boat spa that pampers you thoroughly with the water circuits, all the while giving you an incredible view of the city.

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Saint Joseph's Oratory

If you’re a history buff, this monument is a symbol of the architectural and religious heritage of the city. It’s the largest church in Canada and the largest shrine in the world dedicated to Saint Joseph.

Jean-Talon Market and Atwater

Montreal boasts of wonderfully fresh and vibrant produce, especially –apples, maple syrup, and dairy products. Best way to get a closer look at it all is at Jean-Talon and Atwater markets.

Local Montreal Food Tours

Food aficionados must definitely go on the local food tours that give insight into the food culture of Montreal.

Guided-food tours are definitely a unique way to experience the city’s culture and cuisine.

Underground City Montreal

Another must-visit Montreal destination is the underground version of the city, connected by 32 tunnels spread across 12km.

This unique network that connects people, shopping, offices, restaurants, and commutation, is especially beneficial in the long winter months.

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Jacques-Cartier Bridge

Yet another architectural marvel is the Jacques-Cartier bridge, which is illuminated by a phenomenal lighting system that truly exhibits the beat of the city.

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The addition of this unique lighting system has made this bridge ‘the most connected bridge’ in the world. The lighting changes according to the season and energy vibes of the city.

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Montreal Biosphere

This intricately-designed, 206 feet high, metal dome is actually an environment museum; a haven for environmentalists.

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Various interactive activities are held to increase awareness about biodiversity, climate changes, etc.