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Fun Vacation Ideas You’d Thank Us For

Arjun Kulkarni Oct 21, 2018
Vacation with family or friends is always fun. Here are few ideas to get started.
Don't you wish every day was a holiday? The problem is that vacations come once in a year, and if you haven't planned them properly, they're going to be pretty boring. The last thing you would want is not enjoying the precious few days you get off from work. So let's learn a few things, to make it a joyful vacation.

For Families

There is often a conflict between families about the destination. Parents insist on taking children to places of historical significance and educational value, whereas kids prefer Disney vacations. So don't go to extremes. Discuss the destinations with the family and try to combine the two, so that the kids learn and have fun too.
Sometimes it is about what we do at the vacation spot. Suppose you plan out a fabulous vacation to Hawaii. There the kids would want to try activities like surfing or scuba diving and if parents stick to the hotel room, on a call from work or to their laptops, kids are going to be annoyed.
The reclusive, lazy kids will take their PSP along and spend the whole day with it, oblivious to the new, beautiful surroundings that Hawaii has to offer. So bring your children/parents out in the open.
Most resorts and hotels today have good recreational facilities. In case you forgot your own baseball bat or gloves, you can borrow it from the hotel. Playing outdoor games is a great way to spend quality time.
And if it rains, many times you have indoor options like table tennis, carrom, chess, etc. And if nothing suggests itself, you should always keep a pack of cards handy.
Sometimes it may be fun to go with other families. It's a good idea to blend your plans with your friends, especially if both are single child families. Then, your kid can accompany the other.

For Couples

This really depends on what you and your spouse prefer. Some couples like a vacation to be filled with various activities, while others don't mind spending the whole time wrapped up in a sack.
One of the best ideas for couples is to go on a cruise. It may be a bit expensive, but considering that this is one of the very few times that you and your loved one are going to get away from the rest of the family, it's worth it. A relaxing, dreamy time is what you want before getting back to the rigors of family life again.
Alternatively, you could also want to reemphasize your youthfulness and leave the cruise for the oldies. You could hike up the Rockies and the Appalachians. Forests are also plentiful in the United States.
Hiking in the forest with your loved one could be one of the most romantic things you might want to do. There could be no greater feeling than being on the top of a tall mountain, alone with the one you love!
But remember, to make your vacation fun, you should plan it well in advance. Good ideas aren't hard to come by, if you give it a little thought.