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Fun Weekend Getaways

Girija Shinde Sep 26, 2019
Are you in search of a few fun weekend getaways? If yes, then you have come to the right place as here you will find some cool ideas, which are sure to make your weekend memorable.
You must have spent Wednesday mornings dreaming about relaxing weekends, which seem far! We think of many plans but when the weekend comes, we waste time pondering and end up nowhere!
Make a list of places where you can actually go, and it is sure to be a big list, as fun weekend getaways for kids are quite different from that of the elders! After about a week's discussion you are sure to reach a common idea!

Weekend with the Dolphins

What can be better than a relaxing beach with lots of dolphins to play with? All you need to do is pack your swimsuits and hit the bay! There are many dolphin bays, which have exclusive resorts to stay.

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Choose a resort which provides the usual beach facilities along with a spa.
So, on the first day you can have fun with the dolphins, play volleyball on the beach, get tanned and on the second day relax completely with a nice soothing massage!
Many spas use essential oils, which not only provide relaxation, but even many other benefits. If you are going with only your partner, you could give each other massages instead of getting a massage! This will surely be a great idea, especially if you try something like a yum chocolate massage.

A Classic Weekend Getaway

If you don't have much time or are bored of going outside the city, you can still spend a fun weekend. Grab your wallet, your partner, and get out of the house! Most of the time, one shops from shopping malls, this time shop from the streets or small shops instead.
Clothes are most common for shopping. Shop for something like junk jewelry or trivial things that are cheap, but can be used for home decor. You are sure to enjoy this shopping spree, without spending much!
When you are tired of shopping, go to a classy restaurant and have dinner. Do not order the usual things, try out some different dishes, and you will certainly enjoy the experience.

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After that, if you have any energy left, go to a discotheque and have the time of your life dancing to the rocking tunes!
You will be very tired at the end of this, which will ensure a nice calm sleep.
The next day you can simply relax at home watching your favorite movie, after all the fatigue of such a tiring day won't go so easily!

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Something Adventurous

If you want to try something different, go for an adventurous sport. What the sport should be, depends on your hobbies and choice.
If you are a mountain lover, rock climbing or a trek of the most steep mountain in your locality is the right choice for you.
If you are a sea lover, there's nothing better than scuba diving!

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What else can make water freaks happy than a dip into the deepest layers of sea, watching the exotic underwater scenery!

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If you don't like either of these, you could simply go skydiving, the feeling of falling from the sky gently, is sure to be a lifetime experience!

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These were some of the fun weekend getaway ideas. So, now that you have so many choices at your bidding, forget all your tensions and get ready for a joyride! Have fun!