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Games for a Road Trip to Keep You Entertained as Well as Occupied

Sonia Nair Aug 20, 2019
Are you planning a road trip with your kids and other family members? Do you want to make the travel fun-filled? Here are some interesting games for an exhilarating road trip.
A road trip is always associated with excitement. But sometimes, traveling by road can be painful, with kids getting bored and start nagging. People also have a tendency to doze off during a road trip by car, making others feel sleepy. There are many technological toys like video games and DVD players that can ward off boredom.
But, as there is no social interaction involved, there is a possibility of getting bored with these options too. In such a situation, there is nothing better than a good game!
Here are some car games that can add to the fun quotient of your trip. Such games for a road trip can make traveling lively for kids as well as for adults. Let us go through some popular games, which can be incorporated in your road trip.

License Plate Games

In order to play this game, you need some paper and pens. If you have five members, everybody should write some random numbers and alphabets on their paper. You can cross a number or an alphabet, whenever you see the same on the license plate of a passing vehicle. The first person who complete the task will be the winner.
Another game is making words out of the alphabets written on the license plates of the first five vehicles you see. The person, who makes the maximum number of words, within a stipulated time will be the winner.
Alternatively, you can play a different game by jotting down the numbers of vehicles. Each one can write five different numbers by taking turns, so that there is no repetition. Then each one has to add the numbers and the person with the highest total score will be the winner.

Alphabet Games

A member starts with a letter. Each player later, has to add an alphabet, so as to form a meaningful new word. Another way to play with alphabets is to assign each person with one alphabet, and ask them to write the maximum number of words starting with that alphabet, within a given time. The member who comes up with the maximum number of words will win.
Play a memory game with alphabets. A person has to start with a word beginning with 'A'. The next person has to recall the first word and add a new word beginning with 'B'. Successive players have to remember and recall all the words from the beginning, adding a new word each time. The one who fails to remember the previous words will be out of the game.

Who Am I

In this game, each player is supposed to give clues about a particular person (can be your neighbor, relative or a celebrity) and others have to recognize him/her. This is an interesting as well as informative game.

Geography Game

This game can be played with the names of various places in the world. One member can start with a particular place, as Sydney. The next person has to come up with a name, starting from the last alphabet of the word i.e. - 'Y'. The process continues, till someone fails. You cannot repeat the name of a place. Try plaing names of movies, celebrities, animals.

I Spy

This is another popular road game, where you have to select a particular object or thing in the car and give clues to the others about the same. Other members have to recognize it. Preferably, always choose something in the visual range of all the members.

Rock, Paper, Scissors

This action-oriented game is very popular among kids. In this game, the players put both hands behind their backs. Then, they bring out a hand in any one of the following actions: clenched fist (meaning a rock), flat hand (meaning paper) or a V-shaped first and middle finger (meaning scissors).
The meaning of these actions are as follows: A scissor can cut a paper, a paper can cover a rock and a rock can beat a scissor. If there are two players, they have to show closed fists (rock) in the first two rounds.
From the third round, they can show any one of the three actions described - rock, paper or scissors, and play according to the meanings mentioned earlier. If both payers choose the same gesture, there will be a tie and one more chance will be given, to select the winner.

Treasure Bottle

This game needs a little preparation before embarking on a road trip. Take transparent plastic containers with lids. Fill 3/4th of the container with rice and add some small 'treasures' like, buttons, bolts, logos, etc. Count the treasures and write the number on the lid.
Now you are ready for the game. The players need to roll the container and find out the treasures. This game can be made more exciting, by keeping some small gifts along with the other things.
Besides these games, you can always resort to playing card tricks, mad libs, magnetic versions of board games like chess, art kits, etc. Games are a welcome change and can make a boring road trip fun-filled.
Even if some of the games are meant mainly for kids, adults can also participate in them and enjoy. So, the next time you go for a road trip, do remember to plan some games. They will definitely add some zing to your road trip!