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Gaze at the Northern Lights From These Stunning Locations in Norway!

Swarali Jambhale Jul 24, 2019
Witness the northern lights in Norway and you will create an unforgettable experience! Deserves to be said as the most extraordinary show on Earth, aurora borealis is only about colors, forms and intensities in the sky.

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October - March are the perfect winter months, where the dark hours and the chances to sight the northern lights are more!


Spot your place at the Lake of Prestvannet and be ready for the Earth’s best light show!


Plan your visit to the Skibotndalen valley if you don’t want to miss out on the aurora borealis!


Be great aurora spectators at Mount Rønvik, just 3 km away from the city!

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Lofoten Island

Prefer Gimsøysa, Flakstadøy or Vestvågøy to be a part of the best of the northern lights!

Vesterålen Islands

A prime location! Park your vehicle at Klein Vodden rest area near Bleik and just walk down to the sea!


It's the “Town of Northern Lights”! Hurry up to the arctic coast or the unoccupied Finnmark plateau in the south!

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The only place on the planet where northern lights can be seen during the day, thanks to the polar nights there!

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At the center of the so-called northern lights oval, enjoy the lights either by boats, snowmobiles or just use snowshoes!


Get to the top of Narvikfjellet to gaze at the aurora borealis in the very clear skies of Narvik!


Sea kayaking under the northern lights in a warm atmosphere is what Helgeland gifts its visitors!

An Insider!

The Polar Park, a wolf sanctuary lets you behold the northern lights as you fondle the wolves there!