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11 Super Helpful Tips for Having a Stress-free Vacation

11 Helpful Tips for Having a Stress-free Vacation
The whole purpose of a vacation is to go out somewhere and feel relaxed. Therefore, all of us need to know how to have a stress-free vacation, to avoid asking for another vacation just to relax after we've had one already.
Rujuta Patil
Last Updated: Dec 20, 2018
Know Why the Stress
Couple missed the train
If you wish to have a stress-free vacation, you need to think about what creates that stress in the first place. Moreover, whatever the cause of stress, learn to accept those little errors and gaffes, as no holiday is gonna be fun to remember without them.
Avoid Planning the Entire Tour Yourself
Couple planning last minute vacation
Let someone else do the planning for you, as it may create stress before, during, and even after vacation. You don't wanna feel responsible for having to wait for a hotel room at 10 in the night, for some silly payment confusion, etc.
And, later regret not handing it over to the agency (now knowing exactly what they charge the commission for!).
Do More Research
Family outside a restaurant
Read reviews by people who actually visited the place you're going to.
Find out as much as possible about the place, lifestyle, weather, transport, certain peculiarities you would like to experience; all this before leaving, so you are equally well prepared for the happening and not-so-happening moments.
Don't Aim at Maximum Sightseeing
Family clicking picture in front of Eiffel tower
Keep it flexible and don't try hitting a 10/10 when you visit tourist attractions at a given destination. Plan a longer trip if need be, but don't rush yourselves.
In fact, if you are really looking forward to 'relaxing', you should choose less crowded places and enjoy your way (basically avoid those long waiting lines for something like a 'light and sound show').
Plan for Emergencies
Family with grandparents on vacation
When traveling with kids or elderly people, make sure you have a plan in case of a health emergency.
You may wanna pack the luggage accordingly; that includes not just medicines, but something like medical history. Also, keep enough time to waste/spare a day or half so that they can take a break.
Decide Rules for Group Travel
Friends traveling together, discussing at restaurant
Traveling can get a little difficult with strangers or acquaintances. Know that everyone will have a different preference, and let that be accepted as rule.
Let each one choose how he/she wants to go around the place, and probably meet up for lunch or dinner somewhere later on. You might even end up going to the same places at the same time, and like it that way.
Avoid Taking Work Along
Man on beach with laptop
This requires reverse-planning, and great execution too. Plan a vacation at the right time, which means, at the time you can afford to take a break from office.
Give your boss or colleagues a plan for your absence, and accordingly finish your pending tasks before you leave. Decide when, if you must be in contact with them, and keep it minimum. Remember why you're on a vacation!
Leave Behind Your Identity
Dad on beach playing with kids
Simply get out of your shoes and move into a new world to refresh yourself. Keep all your worries as a boss, employee, businessman, or housewife at home. Be like any guy or girl next door.
Try seeping in the ways of the destination, and don't go upset at how bland the food tastes. Expect less and try finding fun in the moments you live away from routine.
Be Very Light with Luggage
Woman with light luggage
This is like one of the best stress-free vacation tips ever, for anyone, anytime. You are much happier not carrying along and bringing home those extra pounds you left unpacked and untouched!
Let Go and Enjoy the Moment
Family in amusement park, miss the shuttle
Act like a child, sing a little, dance a little, and have fun! You will realize it's not the luxury of the hotel bed, but the happiness in your partner's eyes that is more rewarding.
Plan Well for a Post-vacation Comeback
Employee talking to colleague after coming back from vacation
We request you to keep a day or two for yourselves before you go back to office after a week-long trip. Take time to adjust. Avoid scheduling important meetings or conferences right on the first day you join back.
Get in touch with what you missed out on. Discuss with your colleagues about what happened in the meanwhile. And, go a little slow with yourself initially, for a faster and productive comeback.