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All You'd Want to Know About Luxurious Houseboat Rentals

Buzzle Staff Sep 16, 2019
The pace and hectic schedule of your professional life brings with it a lot of fatigue to the mind and body. Going on a water vacation and taking a houseboat for rent is very good option to rejuvenate your body and make your vacation a memorable one.

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A houseboat vacation is one of its kind and a very rich experience. You can spend some quality time with your family in the midst of natural beauty. All this comfort in a house in the middle of a scenic water body! What more can one ask for!

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A houseboat can provide you with all the luxuries and comfort you are looking for at home. In a houseboat, you can get a full working kitchen with appliances such as fridges and stoves. You can have your meals prepared with your own catch from the waters that you are in!

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Houseboat Rentals

There are different agencies that rent their houseboats at good rates. Rentals depend mainly on the location and the facilities provided on the boat.
Rentals are high when you opt for a big houseboat with amenities like a bathtub, full-fledged kitchen with microwave and other such appliances. You can also have appliances such as a television, movie player, and other such entertainment appliances.
The rent can be considerably reduced if you waive away with these accessories. The power source for the house boat is oil, so going in for all the appliances can up the cost a lot.

Things you Should Know

Take care of certain points to ensure that your trip is a safe one. Before you leave port, make sure you're well equipped with a map and directions or have someone to assist you with the navigation. Always better to check the weather conditions with the local authorities before you start your sail. Try to sail in the daytime. It is safer and help is at hand.
You must carry some basic things along with you on the boat to make sure you have a safe time on the boat. You should carry all your general medicines along with a well-equipped first aid kit. You should also carry insect repellent as static waters are a breeding ground for insects.

Points to Watch Out for

✦ Check the condition of the houseboat. It should be in perfect working condition with all the appliances working. All the safety equipment must also be in perfect working condition.
Make sure that the boat has life jackets on board.
✦ Check for the availability of communication devices on board. You should be able to contact people in case of emergency. Also check for a power generator that you can use in case of power failure.
✦ If you plan to take your pet along with you, confirm this with the agency. There are different plans, some let you take your pets for free while some may charge extra. The initial security measures also increase if you are taking a pet along with you.
✦ You can negotiate fares with the agency. You can take advantage of things such as off-season and less populated tourist locations. These will have lower rentals.

✦ Compare rates and facilities provided by different agencies.

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✦ It is always good to book your boat well in advance to get lower rentals and also avoid last minute chaos.