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Here's How You Can Plan Your Own Therapeutic Staycation

Neha Rajan Deshmukh Sep 28, 2019
Tired of following the same routine everyday? You might be thinking of planning a vacation somewhere. But is money the problem? Not to worry. Go for a staycation. Read to know how to plan for a staycation.
Most people these days are planning for a staycation instead of going for a vacation. A staycation is similar to a vacation, except for the place of stay. You stay in your own house and pretend to be on a holiday. You are a tourist then. You usually don't visit the places near to your residence.
While you are on a vacation, you have a good chance to visit all those exotic parks, museums, restaurants or shopping centers, that were always there in your city, but you never considered going to them. After all, what can be better than enjoying almost a week without spending a penny on accommodation?
You shall be free to invite as many friends over as possible too, dine out with your family, shop like you never did before, sleep till you eat and eat till you sleep! Isn't that interesting? Here are some ideas that you can try out.

Tips on Planning a Staycation

Declare the First Day as Lazy Day

You can begin your staycation by declaring the first day as the lazy day. After a tiring schedule for the past so many weeks, nothing can be better than simply lying in your bed doing nothing.

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You can go out for an exotic dinner or can order it at your place itself. You will have the freedom to invite a couple of friends at your place, and have a gala time.
Soft music and good food is one of the best combinations to try out. Children can be more than happy to play in the backyard with their friends, and enjoy themselves. This can be a great time for all the family members to discuss things casually and chit chat with each other.

Plan a Get-together

You can invite your close ones and enjoy a get-together. This can be a time to meet all those people whom you haven't met for a long time due to work commitments. The kids can have their own gathering and play some games.
A get-together is never complete without munching on your favorite delicacies. So make some delicious dishes and serve them. You can watch a movie together, and then let the close ones have a stay over.

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Visit the Places in the Vicinity

Try visiting different places that are near to your place. Avoid going to those places where you have already been. Kids can have a gala time visiting the nearby amusements parks or zoos.
You'll be surprised to see various new things that you had missed all these months. You can visit museums, art galleries, vineyards, or even malls for that matter, and enjoy yourselves thoroughly. The best part would be to have fun without spending much. Later, you can have a good meal and come back.

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Arrange for a Picnic

A green spot is always an ideal picnic location. You can arrange a picnic to a such a place and have fun.
You can make your kids go for a separate picnic or a camp, so that they get to interact with other kids too. Take along with you the traditional picnic basket just to add to the feel. Also, plan some games to play there.

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Shopping is something that everybody loves to do. Though it is not really pocket-friendly, there is no harm in spending some dollars as you are already saving a lot of them since you are on a staycation. Women can buy their favorite garments and things that fascinate them.
Men can have a look at the latest gadgets in the market. Kids can buy games and toys. On the other hand, you can buy gifts for your house and some close buddies as well. That way, you can have the "feel good" feeling.
Don't forget to click some good snaps, which will be a memorable collection of these days. This type of a staycation shall freshen you up before you get back to work. Hire a cleaning service on the last day and get your house back in to shape. This way, you won't have to clean the mess up and get tired.
Such holidays not only make you happy on a personal front, but also give you a very good chance to bond more with your family and rekindle some old relationships, for which you never used to have time all the while. So, next time you feel tired and think you have got nothing to do, plan a staycation, and have the time of your life.