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How to Quickly Earn Money While Traveling

Amanda Sparks Jul 4, 2019
You can't have a regular 9-to-5 office job and travel much. However, there's an alternative if you really want to see the world. Many job opportunities allow you to earn money and visit all the places you want. Here's a list of some of the most convenient options for vivid travelers.
If you want to be one of those people who travel the world every year, but still want to have enough cash in your pocket to indulge in every pleasure and not to miss any opportunity, here are some great tips to earn money while traveling.


Websites like Upwork or Fiverr have job opportunities for representatives of many professions,like:
  • Admin support specialist
  • Translator
  • E-commerce development specialist
  • Web, mobile and software developer
  • Product management specialist
  • Lawyer
  • Sales & marketing specialist, etc.
One of the most popular freelance careers among these is content writing. There are many jobs to do from anywhere if you have internet connection. If you have great writing skills and professional insights to share on some topics, you can apply for a job as freelance copywriter or blogger.
However, clients that order custom articles, often have very strict requirements.
  • An article should be tailored specifically to the needs of a client and to the source where it will be published later. The writer should research and study the website and its target audience before writing.
  • A professionally-written article should not contain any grammatical or punctuation mistakes.
  • Basic SEO knowledge is required to create content that will be attracting readers in addition to being engaging.
  • An article should have a good readability rate. This means the article should be easily scannable and easy to perceive even by a middle school student, unlike a typical college academic writing full of specific terms and long sentences.
To become a freelancer, you need to create a profile on one of the freelancing platforms, and once your profile gets authorized, you can start searching for work. However, before you start traveling, make sure that you have several reliable clients to ensure steady cash flow.

Tourism Internships and Courses

If freelancing is not for you and you’d rather go somewhere and communicate with people, and if you want to become a pro in tourism industry, you can apply for tourism internships and courses.
Australia and New Zealand, for instance, offer a lot of internship opportunities for those interested in tourism. These internship programs are designed specifically to develop a person’s accommodation skills and enhance their knowledge of the tourism industry.

Important Things About These Courses

  1. This is a paid Trainee General Management program, which means  you won’t have to cover all costs yourself.
  2. Program curators choose the best performing talented tourism gurus to participate in tourism internships.
  3. The best-performing interns get a job in one of the most famous companies in Australia or New Zealand

Au Pair

Typically thought to be a program solely for students, Au Pair actually accepts anyone willing to participate.

If you have experience looking after children, and you are ready to live with a host family of locals, this is a perfect job for you. You also get paid in the job!
Au Pair programs differ from country to country. For instance, people that participate in Au Pair Australia, are required to work 20-40 hours per week and are usually paid $200-$350 pocket money.

Au Pair participants are also required to help around the house, if necessary. Participants are also required to have a driver’s license and medical check.

Seasonal Work

A perfect opportunity for those who aren’t interested in freelancing, internship or taking care of someone’s babies, is to take some seasonal work. This includes job opportunities at farms, including fruit picking and taking care of plants.
In general, this is a great opportunity to earn money while traveling, although it can be quite labor-intensive. Nevertheless, you’ll have a great new experience, get to communicate with the locals and spend a good time.

Final Words

It’s definitely possible to earn money while traveling. Not just occasional cash incomes, but a good, solid salary, enough for you can be earned.

It’s not about the money, but about the experience you’ll get. For sure, working while traveling is worth trying, especially considering the amazing places you’ll be able to visit and see.