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Ideas for Fun and Affordable Family Vacations

Priya Johnson Sep 28, 2019
Increasing airfare and lodging expenses have caused many families to cut down their vacation plans. However, one can still enjoy a wonderful family vacation without shelling out the entire family savings.

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Parents today are busy working and providing for their families. A family vacation brings the entire family together in a relaxed and joyful atmosphere. It strengthens the bonds between them. However, during this time of economic depression, one has to spend money wisely.
With companies closing down, and jobs at stake, the last thing one wants to do is throw away all or most of the savings on an expensive family vacation. However, recession or no recession, vacations are a must.
The solution to this is resorting to cheap holidays. Joining hands with friends is also another way to reduce the costs. Several affordable getaways are available, wherein one can have fun without burning a hole in the pocket. Let us take a brief look at some ways you can enjoy a budget vacation.

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One of the most inexpensive ideas available is camping. Moreover, camping is fun and exciting. The camping gear for a family of four will cost less than $1000, and can be used for future vacations.
If you already have camping gear, trip becomes cheaper. Several campsites feature shower and toilet facilities. Some even provide cable TV and wireless access.
However, camping is meant to separate yourself from the daily routine, and enjoy life in the wilderness. Avoid anything that keeps your mind preoccupied with work, etc. RV camping is also popular as recreational vehicle parks feature hiking trails, playground facilities, lakes for swimming, boating, and other water sports.

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Road Trips

Shifting the focus from the destination to the journey, can make a simple road trip fun and exciting. Load your car with yummy homemade goodies, and head on for a road trip. Stop at fun places such as museums, factories, historical buildings, or any other scenic spot you come across during the journey.
If your children are young and love role plays, then, you all could pretend to be explorers. Provide the children with binoculars and cheap cameras. The best part about road trips is that you never know what's in store for you. You will be surprised how simple trips like these can turn out into wonderful memories.

Horse Riding

Colorado Rockies' King Mountain Ranch is a wonderful option for budget vacations. This resort is embedded with all sorts of activities for children and adults. There are facilities where the entire family can mount horses and ride through the Arapaho National Forest. Programs on horsemanship skills and safety measures are conducted for children.
The aim of this resort is to train children to ride horses around the ranch or mountain trails. Besides horse riding, this place provides a number of other activities like trout fishing, bowling, volleyball, video library, etc. So there's no way you and your family will not have a great time.

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For families passionate about skiing, small, old-fashioned resorts are a good option. The Mount Abram Family Resort, in Greenwood, Maine, is suited for budget vacations.
This resort comprises gentle trails suited for family skiing. The atmosphere is friendly, however, the trails are short, and expert skiers in the family might be disappointed. Nevertheless, this place is the best choice for parents with small children.

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Experiencing Farm Life

It's good to experience farm life as well. Moving away from the hustle and bustle of the city, to the peace and quiet of a farm is good for a change. The Second Time Around Mini Farm in Washington, Georgia, is a fun spot for children.
This mini farm features over a dozen English baby doll sheep, rabbits, goats, donkeys, two pot-bellied pigs, and llamas. Besides animals, this place is adorned with a large number of gardens and ponds to explore.
When you're on a budget vacation, it's best to plan well in advance. Booking airline tickets in advance will enable you to reach the same destination at a cheaper rate. Since rates during weekends are high, plan going for a vacation sometime during the week.
Look out for peak seasons and plan your vacation during the off season. Planning ahead and during the off season is the key to affordable family vacations.