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Romantic Yet Inexpensive Getaways for Couples

Rohini Mohan Oct 1, 2019
You can turn almost any place on earth into a couple's retreat. Nonetheless, it would be simply splendid to be able to enjoy an inexpensive getaway with one another and create memorable moments along the way. Wouldn't you agree?

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There are many beautiful places that offer inexpensive getaways for couples. The objective is to have a good time together in a place that extends beyond the usual and the ordinary. Couples can either choose a random weekend so as to chill out or they can plan a specific time of the year, which happens to coincide with a specific event or season.

Affordable Weekend Getaways for Couples

Book a Caravan

Get yourselves a house on wheels! It is an affordable as well as a very convenient getaway idea. Travel when and where you like, while you enjoy the privacy of your own living space and lifestyle.

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There is no destination that will be beyond your reach if you choose to travel by road. You can get to truly appreciate the beauty of the country you are living in. Get yourselves a road trip!

World Festivals

Make it a point to visit and participate in the festivals such as The Tribal Stomp, Earth Dance, Reggae Rising which was previously known as Reggae on the River and Burning Man.
These are not exactly the most inexpensive weekend getaway ideas for couples, since you may need to pay, so as to enter the fest. What makes it better is that you need not feel out of place as every body is invited! You can leave all your worries behind and simply have fun with your better half. Meet new people and share life's many fun experiences.


Go backpacking together, and stay in affordable youth hostels. You both will get the opportunity to visit distant lands, while enjoying each others company to the fullest. These memories will last a lifetime.

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The best thing about this idea is that the two of you will always be together during the trip, therefore safety would not be an issue.

Book Flights During Off Season

If you plan to go for a vacation, then try planning for an off season trip.
The reason being that lesser people would visit the place and therefore the tickets would be cheaper and you'd get to be free from all sorts of maddening crowds.

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You can go to places near home such as California, Oregon or Hawaii. Or instead go abroad to places such as Thailand, which is extremely affordable during the non holiday seasons. You can shop till you drop and enjoy their splendid culture.

Couch Surfing

A mass movement that opened gateways for globetrotters. Enroll yourself and your partner as couch surfers and watch how two world comes to your door steps literally.
This is an opportunity to meet really amazing people from all over, you can develop friendships that are assured to last a lifetime. After all, if you can open your doors for a stranger who leaves as a friend, then you are bound to receive the same royal treatment when it's your turn to visit their country or town.

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House Exchange

You can go to an exotic place and stay in a comfortable house, in exchange of letting your house to someone else in place of them letting theirs to you. Though you can enroll for these services only if you have a house that decent enough to be let out.

Trek Trip

Choose a spot which the two of you would like to go trekking to, and make a weekend trip out of it.

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You can visit the place, indulge in adventurous activities as well as spend quality time with each other.

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Go camping, and take your fishing kit along. Take snap shots of all the fish you catch and make a bonfire. You can make a lip smacking dinner for yourselves and then enjoy the night sleeping in a tent under the stars.

Rent a Shack

Get yourselves an affordable and yet comfy shack next to the beach or on the hillside. It would be better to live near to a community, where you can enjoy romantic meals together. Go for long walks, get to see the place and interact with its people.

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All it needs is an excuse to enjoy a memorable weekend together in a new place. Now it's your turn to take a break and have a good time with your beloved. Be a rolling stone for a change!