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Interesting Facts About the Tropical Jewel - Mauritius

Interesting Facts about Mauritius
Read through some interesting facts about Mauritius, and surprise yourself with some never heard or read about information. These facts won't only surprise you, but will help you know more about this famous global tourist destination.
Vacayholics Staff
Last Updated: Dec 10, 2017
Mauritius, officially known as the Republic of Mauritius, is famous as a global tourist destination. An island nation, it is situated in the Indian Ocean, southeast of Africa, say about 560 miles east of the island Madagascar. There are many fun and interesting facts about Mauritius. Ethnicities such as African, French, Asian and Chinese reside in this country, and are a part of the Mascarene Islands along with two more islands, namely RĂ©union and Rodrigues. Even though the country is a little less than 1300 square miles in area, it has many facts that make it globally one of the most visited destinations today. Formed as a result of undersea volcanic eruptions, this island country will amuse you with some interesting facts, that you surely haven't heard of before.

Interesting and Fun Facts About Mauritius
  • The security, military and police function on the island of Mauritius are looked after by duty personnel, who are commanded by the Commissioner of Police. The island does not have its own standing army.
  • The national animal of Mauritius is Dodo, which is now extinct. The bird was brutally hunted by the early settlers as it provided good meat and was easy to hunt.
  • The national flower of Mauritius is Trochetia Boutoniana, which is commonly seen during June to October.
  • Originally, Mauritius was known as Revis Island. The first people to set foot on this land were Portuguese in 1505. The Dutch followed later.
  • This leaf-shaped island is the most populated one in Africa. It also ranks number 17th amongst populated countries of the world.
  • However, it also happens to be the richest and most developed nation in Africa.
  • The life expectancy of people residing in Mauritius is 73 years, which is known to be the highest amongst developing countries.
  • About 40% of the island's population resides in Port Louis, which is the capital. It was established by the French in 1736.
  • Mauritius boasts some of the finest beaches in the world such as Grand Bay, Pereybere, Belle Mare, Blue Bay, Le Morne and Tamarin and Flic en Flac. Their scenic beauty makes this island one of the most sought after destinations for holidays and honeymoons, all over the world.
  • Aapravasi Ghat and Le Morne Cultural Landscape are two world heritage sites in Mauritius, which is owned by the United Nations since 24 April, 1968.
  • Its name, Mauritius, is a derivation of Maurice de Nassau, a Prince of Orange.
  • The colors red, blue, yellow and green in the country's flag represent the following: Suberbe Flamboyant tree, Indian Ocean, light of independence and the sunshine, and the island's vegetation.
  • 'The Motherland', national anthem of Mauritius was written by Jean Georges Prosper in 1968. It was later composed by Philippe Gentil, who was a part of the Mauritian police band.
  • Although French is the general language of communication, English is its official language.
  • 'Sega' a folk dance which originates in Africa is also the dance of the Mauritians. In the recent years, Sega and Reggae have been the background music for this dance form. The fusion music is now being called 'Seggae'
While some of the aforementioned facts were known by us for a few decades, some did surprise you, didn't they? These facts about Mauritius will come in handy while trying to solve quizzes or making a few for fun. This trivia can also help you to plan a vacation to Mauritius, as you would know which beaches and sites to go see too. So, go through this information again to know the island a little more in detail.
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