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Interesting Facts on Belgium

Maya Pillai Nov 28, 2019
Do you know Belgium is the only country in the world that brews 400 different flavors of beer? Not only that its culture and lifestyle is a refreshing retreat, but the centuries old legacy of hospitality, natural bounty and the quintessential French tradition altogether makes the country, more interesting.
Belgium is a beautiful country to the west of Europe and is bordered by France, Netherlands and the North Sea.

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Brussels is the capital and the currency is Euro. Belgium experiences mild winter and cool summers. It is famous for it medieval castles and Gothic cathedrals.

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Antwerp has one of the largest seaport in the world and it is one of the famous art cities. The other popular art cities are Bruges and Ghent. A noteworthy point is that Belgium is multicultural and multilingual. The official languages are French, German and Dutch. However, the language spoken by the commoners are French and Dutch.

Interesting Facts

• In 496 AD, Belgium was a part of the kingdom founded by King Clovis. The inhabitants of ancient Belgium were the Celtic tribes known as Belgae.

• In 1555, Maxmilian's grandson, Charles the Bold, the Duke of Burgundy, gifted Belgium to his son, Philip II.
• In 1713, Austria captured Belgium from the French. The Treaty of Utrecht was signed between the French rulers and the Habsburg rulers of Austria and as per this treaty it was freed from the French governance.

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• In 1815, the Congress of Vienna defeated Napoleon Bonaparte in the city of Waterloo, in Belgium. After this defeat, 124 cities around the world were named Waterloo.

• On July 21, 1831, King Leopold I became the King of independent Belgium.
After the World War II, Belgium played an important role in laying the foundation for the European Community. Today, Brussels, the capital of Belgium, is also the capital of European Union (EU). Brussels is also the Headquarters of the NATO.
One of the interesting facts is the annual production of chocolates. Approximately 600,000 tons of chocolate are manufactured in Belgium each year. The National Airport in Brussels, is the world's biggest selling point of chocolates.
It is one of the few countries in the world to legalize the gay marriages and euthanasia.

• It is one of the few countries that gives importance to education. Education is mandatory for all citizens up to the age of 18.
Do you know oil paints were invented in Belgium in the 15th century? One of the hobbies of the rich Belgians is to collect various forms of art and paintings. Like the Americans, Belgians love to collect discount coupons.
• Belgium is the world's diamond center and diamonds are not only negotiated but also polished here. The diamond capital of the world is Antwerp.

• A Belgian, Adolphe Sax invented Saxophone.

Another interesting fact is, Herge the author of the famous comic series "Tintin" is a Belgian.
These were some Interesting facts about Belgium. We hope that you would definitely include Belgium in your itinerary next time you plan for a vacation.