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Interesting Things To Do in Mittenwald, Germany

Nupur Lakhe Aug 30, 2019
Mittenwald is located on the Austrian border and is a lovely place to be. Its highlights being the mountainous view of the Alps, cutesy homes and lush green pastures housing some intricate architecture which contributes to its beauty.

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Mountain of Alps

There are more than one ways to catch the beauty of these massive mountains. Hiking still remains a favorite among a lot of travelers.

Altstadt Old Town

A charming town with beautiful homes decorated with facades. Stroll down these old town streets and click the best postcard pictures.

Karwendel Alps

Mittenwald provides access to the magnanimous Alps. You can choose to hike or take a cable car which is called "Karwendelbahn". 


A cliff? A gorge? A waterfall? This place gives you the combined excitement of all three. The metal walkway is around 4km and gives you a magnificent view of this gorge.

Ferchensee Lake

Enjoy a peaceful time at the lake. Take a swim or just soak in the serenity the place offers.

Violin Builder Monument

Also known as 'Village of a Thousand Violins', the violin making museum by the name of Geigenbaumuseum Mittenwald hosts numerous violins and its craft. The 'Violin Maker Monument' is a trademark to the same.

Bavarian Architecture of Mittenwald

The alfresco Bavarian charm of Mittenwald does nothing less than smitten the tourist. Surrounded by the Alps, the city's architecture impresses manifolds.

St. Peter and Paul Church Tower

In the lap of the Alps and tucked amidst the Bavarian village is this stunning historic church. Visit to see the bells toll and witness the holy ambience of the church.

Lautersee Lake

You might not find a more picturesque lake than this. With crystal clear water and lush green scenic beauty, this is a must see place. Take a walk or hike to explore more.

Ski Your Way through Alps

If you visit around the time when the place turns mystically white with snow, 'Skiing' is a must. No better way to enjoy the Alps!

Other Must-Do Things in Mittenwald

  • Famous German Castle of Neuschwanstein - a fairy-tale castle.
  • Watch the Kranzkuh - a cow decorated with wreath of alpine flowers, cross and a mirrors.
  • Mittenwalder Local Brewery - a trip to Mittenwald's local brewery is a must.