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Interesting Things to Do in Puerto Vallarta

Priya Johnson May 23, 2019
One of Mexico’s fastest growing cities, Puerto Vallarta is a beautiful city popularly loved for its traditional colonial architecture, beaches, art galleries, and cobblestone streets. Today, tourism is the main source of income here.

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Our Lady of Guadalupe

This iconic monument is a beautiful landmark of Puerto Vallarta. It is admired for its striking architectural design and is easily distinguished by its intricately-designed large crown that is visible from afar.

Los Arcos National Marine Park

This tropical paradise is protected as a national park since 1984 and is a treasure trove for unforgettable experiences.

This group of small islands accounts for beautiful caves, coral reefs, and deep tunnels. Humpback whale watching, snorkeling, scuba diving, etc. are popularly-loved activities here.

Hidden Beach of Marieta Islands

An hour’s boat ride away from the coast of Puerto Vallarta, this beach is completely surrounded by a rock wall, and the only way to get to it is by swimming to it past a long tunnel.

Only kayaking, sunbathing and swimming are legally allowed activities here.

Puerto Vallarta Beaches

Puerto Vallarta is known to have the best beaches in all of Mexico, with miles and miles of pristine beaches.

Los Muertos is one of the most popular beaches, while Conchas Chinas is touted to be one of the most luxurious beaches. You can also visit Garza Blanca and Camarones.


Chocolate aficionados will love this chocolate museum. Touch real cocoa pods, cocoa beans, and learn all about cocoa and chocolate.

Sign up for the different chocolate-making classes and learn how to make truffles, mole (spicy Mexican chocolate sauce), etc. Take home unique chocolate-based souvenirs from here.

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Los Muertos Pier

Los Muertos Pier resembles a sailboat that looks absolutely stunning when the lights go on at night. This architectural icon has made it to CNN’s list of the most beautiful piers around the world.

Indulge in Fresh Oysters

At Los Muertos beach, a variety of seafood is offered by local vendors. Shrimp on sticks and fresh oysters are popularly enjoyed at the beach. It’s best to eat them for breakfast when they’re freshly caught.

Local Cuisine

Pescado embarazado or fish or prawns on sticks, birria (meat cooked in sauce and spices), pozole (broth with meat/pork),Torta Ahogada (drowned sandwiches) are just some of the typical local dishes you should try out.

Booze Cruise

Mexico is known for its tequila, mezcal, and a variety of Mexican liqueurs. Taste all this beach resort city has to offer by going on a booze cruise. You can drink all the booze you want on these open-bar cruises.

These cruises also take you to a couple of beaches where you can enjoy a variety of water sports. What a fun way to explore the city and its booze!


Try out this latest adrenaline-pumping water sport that allows you to fly in the air like Iron Man.  

With the help of a water-propelled jet pack, you can glide into the sea like a dolphin, as well as fly in the air. You can enjoy this activity at the Los Muertos beach.

Centro Historico ArtWalk

This ArtWalk is an annual event (November-May), that features art in all mediums from fine ceramics, paintings, sculptures, and even jewelry. One can interact with the artists at this ArtWalk and purchase their artworks.