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Irresistible Attractions in Utrecht, Netherlands

Sonali Pimpale Nov 30, 2019
Home to one of the oldest universities in Netherlands, the ancient city is deeply rooted in religion. The fourth largest city in the country will create a special place in your heart with its idyllic, laid-back charm.

De Haar Castle

With its surreal towers, turrets and exceptional gardens, the largest castle in Netherlands looks like it has stepped straight out of a medieval fantasy!
Courtesy of a guided tour, you can foray into the interiors of the magnificent castle to catch a glimpse of its intricate wooden carvings, tapestries and a stellar artwork collection.

Dom Tower of Utrecht

Looming over the city, this mammoth structure is the tallest church tower in Netherlands!
If you are brave enough to climb 465 steps to the top of the tower, your efforts will be rewarded by unmatchable views of the city, and a close look at an imposing set of 14 ringing bells that weigh 32,000 kg!

St Martin’s Cathedral

Also known as the Dom Church, the beautiful 13th century cathedral and the Dom Tower were parts of a single structure until 1674, when an unforgiving tornado caused them to part ways forever.

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Canals of Utrecht

The city has quite a number of gorgeous canals. Glide through their smooth waters on boat tours or stroll along the adjoining pathways lined with traditional houses.


A quirky attraction deep in the bowels of the city! Get hold of a flashlight and head to an underground wonderland beneath the Cathedral Square (Domplein). The space is filled with archaeological ruins that tell fascinating stories about the city’s rich history.

Railway Museum

Discover historic trains and a paraphernalia of mementos related to railway history at this incredible museum, housed in a former railway station.

Museum Speelklok

A singular museum that overflows with musical clocks, barrel organs, music boxes and instruments that play without human interference. As many of these instruments still work, their dulcet tones will accompany you as you make your way through the wonders of this place!

Centraal Museum

The centuries old Utrecht Ship, a plethora of medieval relics, and an excellent collection of artworks from local artists including Joachim Wtewael and Gerard van Honthorst, are the crowning glory of the main museum in Utrecht.

Sonnenborgh Observatory

An outstanding 19th century astronomical observatory and museum, where astronomy geeks can try to unveil the mysteries of the Universe!

Museum Catharijneconvent

With a wide collection of historical artifacts and religious artworks, the St. Catherine's Convent Museum explores the Protestant and Catholic history of Netherlands.