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Keeping the Kids Occupied on Your Flight

Stacy Tolkin Feb 15, 2019
Keeping the kids calm and collected on your flight can be difficult, but with the help of these tips, you can surely have a relaxing, peaceful and hassle-free journey!

Planning Your Trip

Traveling with children can be tricky business, but planning meticulously will definitely make air travel a bit easier!

Plan Plan and Plan

Try to make your journey to the airport as smooth as possible by planning everything! Plan right down to the airport parking, and make use of cheap Glasgow airport parking deals. Or any airport for that matter!


Keep the kids entertained during your flight. Bring their favourite movies, music and games! Make sure that you don't forget the ear plugs though, you don't want to distract other passengers.

School Materials and Supplies

What better time to catch up with school work than when you have a few hours straight on a flight? Get the kids up to date with their schooling by bringing some homework with you. This is a great way to keep them quiet while also teaching them too.

Food and Snacks

Don't run the risk of your kids getting hungry! Make sure that you are well stocked up of food and snacks for your flight.

Have a Talk

Being on a flight gives you and your child a really great opportunity to talk. Utilise the time to build the bond between the two of you. Talk about everything from your holiday, their school work and their friends, to the teachers that they love!

Games with Kids

Cultivate a culture of fun with your child. Bring some games with you and make the journey as enjoyable as arriving at your destination!

May your flight be the most peaceful one yet...

So go ahead and enjoy your flight! You could end up having more fun than you'd think!