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Flight Diaries: Last Minute Air Travel Tips That'll Save Your Day

Buzzle Staff Sep 27, 2019
Fly away into the horizon leaving a trail behind. This story has some last minute air travel tips for those times when you are left with only a few hours, minutes, and seconds to spare.
Richard had been working continuously for 5 years, and he longed to enjoy some time of peace and quiet. Every evening he stared at the computer screen longing to walk around the monument located on the banks of a river and found in the pages of history. He wanted to wear colorful attire and take photographs with the snake charmers. 
There was so much he wanted to do but did not have the heart to ask his superior if his holiday request had been granted. As he sat staring at the computer screen, mesmerized, he heard the phone ring. He picked up the receiver and said, "Thank you." Then, he switched off the computer screen and picked up his cell phone to call his travel agent.
There are many people like Richard who are caught up with everyday demands of life and no matter how many times they make a plan it never seems to work out. Well if you are one of them, you can stop worrying as here are some tips that will help you save money and have a safe flight too.

A Few Important Tips

● As soon as you are sure that you are taking that much awaited holiday, log onto the Internet. With the wide range of travel-related websites, each competing with each other, you might just get the best deal on airfares, car rentals, and lodging too.
● If you travel a lot and have registered for the frequent flier program and would like to collect the reward points, look for deals on that particular airline's website. Do not worry if you are a first time user, because all you need to enter the date of departure and arrival, location, and the number of passengers.
● Call a travel agent if you have neither the time nor inclination to go online. When you phone the travel agent remember to ask him to run a check on cheap airfare deals available. You never know, your travel agent might get you the best deal available.

● Lastly contact the airline's office to find out what cheap airfare prices they have to offer.

Wellness Program

Here are a few air travel tips that will help ensure that you have a wonderful journey.

● Before you board the flight, take doses of vitamin C, zinc, and lozenges.

● Since the cabin air is dry, drink water or hot tea and stay away from fluids that will dehydrate you.
● Try to get sleep before the flight. Avoid sleeping on the plane if it arrives at your destination during the evening or the day. If the plane is due to land in the morning, get some sleep on board. Ensure that you stay awake until dark and then resume a normal cycle.

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● Use disinfectant wipes and hand sanitizers to stay clear of germs at the airport.

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Simple Air Travel Tips

A flight should be a safe and comfortable place for all travelers. To make it so is the responsibility of all the people who travel in the plane. Read on for some tips to ensure that it remains so.

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● Travel light! When packing your hand baggage, make sure that it consists of only the things that you might require on the flight.
● Inform the flight attendant if you are prone to air sickness or allergic to any particular kind of food. Travelers who suffer from other sicknesses like heart problems, hypertension, or any such disease, should inform the cabin crew too.

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● In order to have a safe journey, it is important that every traveler takes careful note of air travel regulations.