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Exciting Last-minute Travel Ideas for the Spontaneous Ones

Charlie S Apr 21, 2019
From the beaches to wildlife safari, we love to travel and explore new places. At the same time, we may not have a clue of where we might go for a vacation this time around! How about being spontaneous and organizing a spur-of-the-moment trip? One of the ideal opportunities is a cruise trip that has vacant cabins for last-minute travelers.

Quick Tip for Last-minute Travelers

Quick and easy should be your keywords. Look out for locations that are not expensive. Opt for a trip that is less complicated, less structured, and a destination that's not too common or popular on everyone's list.
There are many online travel websites that provide affordable packages and amazing discounts on last-minute bookings. Or, if you merely seek the myriad pleasures of solitude traveling, pack your bags and follow your dreams! Discover yourself.

Adventure Trips

The Meaning of Adventure

Adventure is all about perspective - it can mean different to different individuals. It could be anything from being wild and exciting to doing something out of the ordinary. It doesn't always have to be bungee jumping or skydiving, but can also be more about the destination, the activities, nature, wildlife, or culture.

Wildlife Parks

If you need a change from a fast-paced lifestyle to surround by all kinds of birds and animals, then volunteering at a park is the way to make a difference with a cause to save the endangered species, who want just you hand-feeding them and being lavished with your care and attention.
Choose a weekend beach trip, hiking, bird-watching, rafting, horseback riding, or hunting. Whatever you choose, learn to gain some knowledge and have fun exploring it.

Community Projects

Care for the World

If you wish to lead, challenge yourself, and experience a compassionate change, volunteering at community projects is a great last-minute plan. You can help set new values, hopes, and bring about a change to the less-fortunate communities.
Your care, support and empathic approach will be of immense help to people in need. You would definitely make new friends, learn their local culture, explore their history, and conclude your trip feeling grateful and blessed.

Volunteer for Various Activities

There are many community projects that need skilled and unskilled volunteers to assist them build houses, recreate spaces, help kids with disabilities to learn to read and write.
Arrange for games or help them with their day-to-day tasks, such as dressing and feeding the younger kids or assisting in keeping the place clean and tidy. If you are adaptable, compassionate, hardworking, and willing to give your 100%, then this is the most fulfilling way to spend your vacation.

An Ideal Getaway

Go back in Time

How would you feel being treated as a King or Queen for a day? Doesn't staying in a castle sound fascinating? A castle converted into an impressive hotel would be an ideal getaway.
You are certain to experience the freshness and joy of living close to nature, surrounded by mysterious and beautiful woods, with tall ferns and ancient oak trees. To enjoy the same, book a room in a heritage hotel. Though a bit on the expensive side, it is truly a memorable and unforgettable experience.

Heritage Hotels

Places with heritage hotels have wonderful settings, striking lighthouses, sailboat-filled harbors, cashmere-covered walls, museums, old paintings, fireplaces, massive hallways, crystal chandeliers, antique furniture, and ancient stone towers.
Explore the place, go fishing, hiking, horseback-riding, mountain biking, or watch the sunset. Learn about the place - their history, art, political science, culture, and cuisine.

Merge with the Sea

Cruise Liner

Traveling in a cruise liner can get you great discounted deals for last-minute booking, inclusive of all the amenities.
Memorable food, elegant decor, well-stocked library, observation lounge, astonishing performances, live shows, games, karaoke, casino, art auctions, concerts, movies, boutiques, poolside parties, gym, sports area, spa, and the Captain's speech before a formal dinner are the things to look for in a cruise.

Tips for Cruise Vacation

Carry sportswear or gym attire for golf or workouts.
Carry casual wear, sunglasses, hats, and sandals for shore visits.
Pack suits, elegant jackets, and ties for men and an evening gown for the ladies, for formal dining nights.
Don't carry more than one suitcase and a handbag. Your luggage should fit properly in your cabin and not exceed 30 kg in weight.

Get back to Childhood

Roller-coaster yourself!

Unleash the child in you, and make full use of theme parks to have a wonderful fun-filled day. These parks come loaded with all kinds of entertainment attractions. Have you tried screaming and laughing at the same time? By all means, try these rides.
You will get to scream, laugh, and pray at the same time! Definitely a stress-buster, it does make your heart pound vigorously and at the same time gives you pure moments of absolute weightlessness.

Amusement Parks

There are events featuring competitions, livestock exhibits, fireworks display, other attractions focusing on educating the public on former animal and plant kingdom.
Traditional parks have miniature golf courses, boat rides, bumper cars, water slides, go-karting, and some spine-tingling, hair-raising roller coaster rides. These rides are apt for both children and couples.


Last-minute travel plans help you recharge yourself, bringing out your hidden talents. Grab a chance, let yourself loose, and see how it turns into an adventurous, fun-filled experience of a lifetime.