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These Bridges of London Undeniably Have Distinctive Personalities

Claudia Miclaus Aug 20, 2019
London's bridges offer great views of the city but of course each bridge has its story and distinctive personality. Some of the bridges are loaded with history. Read to know more.
London has many bridges, some date back to the 17th century while some are modern. They are built beautifully with various architectural designs.


Built in 1916, this is the first London Bridge on which trams circulated. It is unique because of the bronze figures placed at its endings, figures that represent agriculture, beautiful arts, education and science.
A closed illustration of the creativity of the human kind is the Tate Art Gallery built for the decoration of the bridge. This gallery received the first 65 paintings from a noble of the last century. Today, its rooms are full of thousands of paintings and sculptures which is considered a true national collection from the Renascence till date.


On the four peaks of the bridge, your eyes are caught by the pineapple fruits carved to remind of John Tradescant. He was a landscape painter from the court of Charles the 1st and also the illustrious gardener that brought the pineapple to England.
On one of the banks of the river, the huge building of the Lambeth Palace virtuously shows its dignity ― the London residence of the Canterbury archbishop.


The Westminster Bridge is visited, especially for nocturne pictures of St. Stephan tower, which hosts the well-known horologe Big-Ben off the Congress Palace.
Off the two towers of the Westminster Abbey, all reflected in a fairy-like light and out of the ordinary in the same time, due to the hue of yellow and green. This tower, as simple as it looks, has been around for almost 150 years.


The Waterloo Bridge, a grandiose construction believed to offer one of the most beautiful views of London, was designed by Lord Giles Gilbert Scott. It was made from reinforced concrete and stone, with women as workers, during the second world war.
Crossing Thames between Blackfriars Bridge and Hungerford Bridge, Waterloo Bridge is a road and foot traffic bridge. Its name is given in the memory of the Waterloo Battle where the British won in 1815.


Has the name of a XIII century monastery, but it belongs to the XIX century, more exactly to the year 1869, when it was laid between the two sides of Thames. This bridge offers a gorgeous view of the Saint Paul Cathedral and the old center of London.

London Bridge

The history of this bridge goes back to the era of the Roman invasion, from the first decades after Christ, when the capital city of England was named 'Londinium'.
No later than 1179, King Henry the 2nd ordered the building of a new bridge, having at the half a chapel dedicated to the one that was Saint Thomas Beckett. It is known that the traitors' heads were exposed at the extremities of this bridge in those dark times. Compared to other bridges in London, it offers the largest traffic capacity.

Tower Bridge

As its name says, it belongs symbolically to the well-known Tower of London, situated nearby.
Tower Bridge is an emblem for London, with its twin towers and the two mobile components between them. The mobile parts of 1000 tones each can rise in only 90 seconds, with the help of a super machine.
Built between 1886 and 1894, it became a tourist attraction in no time due to its spectacular galleries, where the history of its building and the ingenuity of its machines is revealed. It is worth mentioning the fact that it also offers an extraordinary view of Thames.
Discover the charm and distinctiveness of all these bridges of London!