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Long Weekend Vacation Ideas

Rutuja Jathar Sep 28, 2019
A long weekend coming up and no rational plan in the making? Consider these last-minute vacation ideas and have a weekend getaway that will together offer relaxation and rejuvenation.
Your hair may be brushed, but your mind's untidy. You've had about seven hours of sleep since Friday. No wonder you feel that lost sensation. You're sunk from a riot of relaxation.
- Ogden Nash
It takes five days to reach a weekend, but it takes months, luck, and coincidence to be bestowed with a long weekend. Not planning the right vacation during this weekend is really a crime. This time, plan such to give you memories of a lifetime; something that will leave you full of energy once you're back at work. Well, here are some ideas you can choose.

For the Families

Spending lesser time with your family due to grueling hours at work? Well, here is your chance to spend some quality time with your kids. Why wait for the summer vacations, really.

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Florida can be the perfect weekend destination for you and your kids. There are numerous vacations spots awaiting you in Florida. St. Petersburg is an ultimate place if you are planning for a beach vacation.
Along with the beaches, you can visit numerous museums, athletic parks, and sports arenas. Tampa is also the home ground of the Devil Rays; it would be a real treat to watch a baseball match with your baseball crazy kids.

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Retreat yourself. There is so much to discover here in respect to food, art, architecture, and music.
Instead of visiting the rather infamous beaches, it is a great idea to explore the city, and enjoy shopping, eating, and visiting the places like art museums, Parrot Island, or Everglades National Park―only 35 miles from Miami and a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

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Apart from Disney World, there are numerous things in store for you in Orlando. The city is all about art, music, and culture.
You can experience the Orlando Ballet and Orlando Philharmonic Orchestra here. There are several water parks and family resorts here, the competition making your stay relatively cheaper.

For the Couples

What can be more enthralling than turning a plain weekend into a romantic one, dedicated to the two of you? Sounds perfect, doesn't it?

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Las Vegas

Apart from visiting world famous casinos, you can do a lot more while you're in Las Vegas.
For example, once you're done with hitting the casinos, to relax before you leave, you can go on a nice and cozy gondola ride on the steady waters of Lake Las Vegas.

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Santa Barbara

State street shopping, wine tasting, and the water fronts in Santa Barbara will definitely leave you spellbound. Book yourself a private cottage and enjoy a leisurely stay.

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Napa and Sonoma Valleys

There are several wineries in both these valleys. While going to Napa valley, make sure that you make the arrangements for the lunch.
You can easily visit 4-5 wineries in a day. whereas, Sonoma is much more relaxing place; it has plenty of restaurants and farms.