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Low Cost Vacation Ideas You’ll Thank Us For

Bhakti Satalkar Sep 26, 2019
Take a cue from vacation ideas for shoe string budget vacation, with loved ones.
Taking a vacation these days have become a very costly affair. One has to keep aside a huge chunk of the bank balance, to enjoy a vacation. However, not everyone is ready to spend a fortune on a vacation, when there can be other pressing needs, yet one needs a vacation. This is when low cost vacation ideas come in handy.

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With summers approaching, it is common to see a number of people planning their vacations. There are people who would rather go for two low cost vacations as opposed to a high-priced vacation.
Some of them love unwinding at regular intervals and cannot wait to take the next vacation. Hence, instead of saving up on one big vacay, opt for two small vacays.

Vacation Ideas for a Shoe String Budget

There are a numerous ways, which one can use to save up on some bucks. You will have to be flexible as far as your vacation plan goes. If you are rigid, then you will find it difficult to find an ideal low cost vacation. It would rather be a little flexible and take a vacation as opposed to not take a vacation at all.

Plan for Weekday Vacations

Most people travel out on the weekends, which is exactly the time, when everything related to a vacation becomes costly. Right from the airfares to car rentals or hotels. Hence, it is recommended that you travel on a weekday and make the most of the low airfares, car rentals and hotel bookings.
There is an added advantage of traveling on a weekday. You will not be surrounded by a number of people and you will be able to visit the different tourist spots at peace.

Plan in Advance

This trick works all the time. If you are planning on a low cost family vacation, then you will want to follow it as well. When you plan in advance, the tickets cost less and so do the hotel rentals.
The best part is you will be able to choose the best of the flights or hotels, but at a minimum cost. You can look up the internet to find the best and cheapest deals for the duration of your vacation.

Opt for Low Cost Carriers

If you are looking for an affordable family vacation, then save some on airfare. There are many low cost, no frill carriers, which you will want to consider. They may not be as comfortable as the regular carriers, but yet you will travel cheaper.

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If the destination is a couple of hours away, then the inconvenience should not be a big problem. However, if you have kids with you, then you will want to take some form of entertainment for them.

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Go as a Group

Vacation is the time, you would want to spend with your loved ones. If you can form a group and travel together, it is no doubt cheaper. You can take just a bigger car and you will save on gas expenses.

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Hiking or Biking Vacation

One of the low cost vacation destinations are the hills around.

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You can choose one of the areas, where you can go hiking or biking or both. It will not only help you to save some money, but you will stay in closer proximity with nature and refresh yourself.

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If you are going to a tourist destination, then you should opt to buy yourself a map of the place and explore it on a bicycle, rather than going for a guided tour. You will enjoy it much better than a guided tour.

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Go Camping

Great low cost vacations are the ones, where you go camping with your family and friends. All you will need is a reservation at a camping ground. Take a tent along and enjoy a nice vacation in between nature. Carrying your eatables around will also ensure you save more.
We often go for potluck camping vacations with friends. It is a great stress buster. The other option can be recreational vehicles. They are a good alternative if you have small children with you. Since they have kitchenettes, you can cook in there as well, which will save you the trouble of cooking and packing eatables.

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A barbecue party is something, which can be planned to add some more fun to the vacation.

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Vacation is about spending relaxed moments with loved ones and making memories that last a lifetime. Hence, it is the time spent at the vacation that one will remember rather than remembering it as a low cost vacation. You can research for low cost vacation spots around your town itself. That way you can enjoy your vacation and save on travel costs too.