Luggage Sets for Women

Sheeba Nambiar Oct 8, 2018
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Nowadays, everything is about 'doing in style', and traveling is one of them. The kind of bags used to hold luggage defines your personality. With luggage sets suiting your personality, women are making the right choices, too. Read about some leading brands and models.
A plain black luggage set is a thing of the past. Now, they come in varied colors, shapes, designs with plenty of storage space inside and complete with smart travel features. They could be cute, simple, yet stylish.
Women love to flaunt their belongings, and luggage sets are one of them. They believe that their luggage reflects a lot about their personality, which is very true. It also depends on the purpose of travel. You wouldn't want to carry your vibrant fuchsia pink luggage set on a business trip!
You'd want something more sophisticated, like a smart and classy black suitcase with an elegant design. If you don't mind spending money on travel necessities, then you could have different suitcases for different travel reasons/occasions.
A luggage set with a cool bohemian look would be a perfect take for your Miami holiday. Women who don't care about their luggage or tend to neglect/ignore it, it is the time you do. That could tell a lot about you.
It is better to invest in good, durable, stylish, and designer sets, it is never a waste. Frequent travelers, especially, must have different types and styles of bags. With more women getting fashion conscious, luggage sets are becoming a fashion statement for many.
A stylish female traveler in search of some stylish luggage sets can have a look at the list given here. You can check them out online at Macy's, LuggageGuru, Target, Kohl's, and eBags. Though not all of them are inexpensive, looks like they are truly worth the price.
➜ Britto Collection by Heys USA Landscape 4 Piece Luggage Set/Flowers 4 Piece Luggage Set/Butterfly 4 Piece Luggage Set
➜ International Traveler Shiny Large Dots 4 Piece Luggage Set (Black with Pink and White Dots/Purple with Pink and White Dots)
➜ International Traveler Dots 4 Piece Hardcase Luggage Set (Black and White/Sangria and White)
➜ American Flyer Animal Print 5 Piece Luggage Set
➜ Sydney Love vintage Hotel 2 Piece Luggage Set
➜ Olympia Blossom 3 Piece Hard case Travel Set
➜ Travelers Club Luggage Candy Stripe 3 Piece Luggage Set
➜ Travelers Club EVA Luggage Marseille 3 Piece Exp. Luggage Set (Pink/Black)
➜ Travel Concepts Domino 3 Piece Spinner Set (Fuchsia/Orange)
➜ International Traveler 3 Set Worlds Lightest 3 Piece Set
➜ International Traveler Shiny Palm 4 Piece Set
➜ American Tourister 3 Piece English Garden Luggage Set
➜ American Flyer Quattro Euro 4 Piece Floral Luggage Set
➜ Rockland 4 Piece Luggage Set- Pink
➜ Vera Bradley Luggage, Make Me Blush collection (Rose Print)
➜ Kathy Van Zeeland Pebble Beach Luggage Collection (Black Croc)
➜ Samsonite "Sahora Brights" Limited Edition Spinner Uprights (Black/Pink)
➜ Atlantic Odyssey Collection (Mocha/Spruce)
➜ Heys USA Exotic Spinners 3 Piece Set - Skulls Print
➜ International Traveler Shiny Zebra 4 Piece Exp. Luggage Set
➜ Travel Concepts Nova 3 Piece Hardside Spinners Set (Silver/Black/Pink)
➜ Travel Concepts Domino 3 Piece Spinner set (Black/Silver)
➜ Travel Concepts Salisbury 3 Piece Spinner Set (Black/Silver/Blue/Dusty Pink)
➜ CalPak Montego Bay 3 Piece Set (Black/Red/Silver)
➜ Victorinox Luggage, werks Traveler Hardside Collection (Black/Red)
➜ American Flyer 5 Piece Basketweave Luggage Set
➜ Heys 3 Piece Spinner Luggage Set
➜ International Traveler Augusta 3 Piece Luggage Set
➜ Tumi Luggage, T 3 Special Edition Collection
➜ Samsonite Pixel Cube Luggage Collection (Wine/Anthracite/Champagne)
➜ Samsonite Winfield Spinner Collection (Black/Silver)
➜ Samsonite Luggage, Crusair Spinner Collection (Black/Blue/Raspberry)
➜ Travelpro Luggage, Maxlite Collection (Black/Maroon)
➜ Samsonite Luggage, xSpace Spinner Collection (Black/Blue/Solar Rose)
➜ Rockland 4 Piece Luggage Set (Black and Pink)
➜ Rockland Hard Sided Luggage 3 Piece Set (Red/ Silver)
➜ Samsonite Luggage, F'Lite GT Collection (Black/Red/Turquoise)
➜ Traveler's Choice Luxembourg Luggage 4 Piece Set in Charcoal
➜ Sidewinder TSA 3 Piece Luggage Collection (Turquoise/Silver/Black)
➜ Diane Von Furstenberg Luggage, Color On The Go Collection (Fuchsia and White/Blue and White)
➜ Double Dutch Luggage (Pink Print/Pink Dot/Green Dot Collection)
➜ Delsey Helium Zip Luggage Collection (Blue/Gray/Raspberry)
From simple and cute to vibrant and classy, they have it all. Do remember to check the reviews before you go ahead and buy them. Checking the reviews could really be handy and helpful in knowing the price and durability of the product.
Although, you'll find many designer sets too costly, there are a plenty of sets that will lie within your budget. So don't shy away or stop yourself from investing in it.