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Major Cities in Germany

Prashant Magar Mar 12, 2019
Germany is one of the most prosperous countries in the world. Its rich history slowly gave way to a modern and a technologically advanced state, incorporating the best of both eras. Read on to know about the major cities in Germany.
Germany presents a tradition of rich and varied lifestyle, along with the magnificent backdrop of natural beauty. It is the economic powerhouse of Europe and is growing each day into a leading player in world affairs. Naturally, its cities attract a lot of interest from visitors around the world.
German cities offer endless opportunities to relax, enjoy, learn, and celebrate the spirit that is human life. The architecture, lifestyle, and culture of this country is a paradise for the connoisseur of beauty and life. Some of these magical places are described in detail as follows.


In the words of German historian Scheffler, "Berlin is always in the process of becoming." This capital city of Germany has witnessed alternating periods of misery and rapid growth throughout its history.
Today, it has a proud place as one of the most vibrant, scenic, and prominent cities of the world. It is flooded with state-of the-art universities, museums, sporting venues, research facilities, and rich corporations all over its landscape.
The city is extremely well-connected to other parts of the world through a busy airport facility and an excellent inter-continental transport system. It is the prominent seat of European political, scientific, and cultural affairs. After being severely damaged in World War II, it has raised itself into a well-planned, green, and laid-back city.
The cultural activities, parks, concerts, and the ravishing nightlife are a delight for every tourist. You can experience the essence of Europe in Berlin.


It is the business hub and the most cosmopolitan city in this country. The city thrives as a rich financial center, housing the German Stock Exchange, the European Central Bank, and almost 300 of the top financial institutions of the world.
It exhibits a great cosmopolitan culture, and is referred to as 'Mainhattan', courtesy its endless array of skyscrapers and a bustling city-life. But, it is not only about the riches; it has a prominent place among German cities for its apple-wine, art, culture, historical avenues, shopping attractions, and so on.
It is the city of contrasts, encompassing serene environment, old architecture, and several historical locations. The world's biggest book fair and a host of international trade fairs are held in Frankfurt.

München (Munich)

It is the city of beer, the Alps, and the rich Bavarian lifestyle. Welcome to Munich, the hot spot for food and beverage lovers. The annual Oktoberfest is perhaps the most popular attraction of this city.
The wild drinking party attracts visitors from all over the world, especially Europeans, to this festival, where beer flows like a river. It is a major sporting center, and the host of the infamous 1972 Olympics. The picturesque bars, roadside pubs, ancient churches, and baroque architecture of Munich give it a distinct identity.


The city of Cologne is a vibrant metropolis offering a lavish blend of art, history, and modern life. Situated on the banks of the River Rhine, it is famous for its perfumes, architectural heritage, and warm and friendly inhabitants. Every third person in the city is of foreign origin, which speaks a lot about its openness and hospitality.
The trade fairs, historical sites, galleries, museums, and superb transport facility make it a must visit destination.


The city of Mercedes and Porsche! This says it all about one of the most advanced cities of Europe that is Stuttgart. It is equally famous for its greenery, lovely cuisine, top-notch German wine, and carnivals. The rich history and culture, complete with breath-taking sights, are simply irresistible. Simply put, every visitor to Germany must visit Stuttgart.


Nicknamed the K-town, it is a city of technology, greenery, culture, shopping, and of course, football! Every aspect of life is very carefully planned and detailed in this city. The ballet, opera, gardens, and gourmets are unique and can only be experienced in Kaiserslautern. It is an ideal place for a short vacation for all age groups.


Theater, industry, sports, and history; the fun never ceases in Mannheim. It is quite unlike any other German cities and has more of an American town-planning style. It is the home of the legendary tennis star Steffi Graff and the composer Mozart.


Augsburg is identified with its large student population. Diesel engines, robots, rocket parts, and components of aviation major Airbus-380, are all manufactured in this production hub of Germany.


Germany's economical hot spot and known for its trade and fashion; it boasts of a rich quality of life, and is one of the most sought-after places to live in the world. Germany's top infrastructure of sports, heritage, and festivals is nestled in its wonderful environs.


Hamburg is the second largest metropolis of Germany. The port city is abuzz with some of the most hectic transportation of cargo and passenger traffic.
The high engineering standards and a wealth of privileges granted to Hamburg have enlivened it with high standards of living, splendid architecture, and some of the best transport and communication facilities.
Germany is a destination where history sets up a date with the present in all its glory. You can visit these places of interest and be a part of the spectacle as it unfolds before your eyes.