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Make Your Way to the Valleys of Kelowna, Canada

Ketki Dongare Nov 30, 2019

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Apart from the beauty and serenity of the city, Kelowna offers a treasure of attractions to indulge in! Visit vineyards, hike in the mountains, or relax by the Okanagan Lake! Be ready to fall in love with the 'Orchard City’!
Sip on Some Wine and Shine!
Visit the world class Vineyards of Kelowna and choose from the many wineries here. Which ever you opt, the experience is going to be a memorable one!

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Grape Picking in the Vineyards

Whilst exploring the lavish spa treatments at the Wineries, go behind the scene, and learn the art of wine making!

Endless fun at Kelowna's Blue Havens

Calm and relaxed or an adrenaline junkie? Venture out on your own by the boardwalk or indulge in water sports by the Okanagan Lake.

Step Back in Time and Study Kelowna's History

Every city has a story to tell! Learn about Kelowna's rich history at Father Pandosy Mission.

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Wander in the Golden Valleys of Kelowna

Hike up the Knox Mountain and explore the beautiful sweeping valleys.

A Furry Companion for You

Love to pet animals? Hangout with 'Marshmallow the Bunny' and 'Oreo the Alpaca' at Arion Therapeutic Farm.

A Joy Ride on the Railway Track

A little adventure for the thrill-seeking souls! Rent a bike and cycle along the Kettle Valley Railway.

A Sleepover Under the Pine Trees

Camp out at Kelowna's best natural spaces overlooking the Okanagan Lake, at Fintry Provincial Park and Protected Area.
Explore the beauty of Kelowna, from the far stretched mountains, to the turquoise waters! A weekend trip to Kelowna will leave you wanting for more and more!!