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Manas Resort: A Remarkable Petting Zoo Resort

Manas Resort With Petting Zoo May 6, 2019
Petting zoos have grown quite popular in the last few years. Manas Resort, the first of its kind petting zoo resort in India is in Nashik, Maharashtra. It is the perfect destination for animal enthusiasts to spend some relaxing time with our four-legged and winged companions.

Get Up-close to the Animal Kingdom!

A petting zoo is nothing but a zoo where the visitors get a chance to closely interact with, and pet the animals. This is a great opportunity for animal lovers to associate with and observe a variety of animals in a natural environment.

The Perfect Package

Happily situated in Igatpuri, a picturesque hill station near Mumbai, Manas Resort with Petting Zoo boasts of being India’s first petting zoo, and is the perfect getaway for spending a quality time with nature in the company of our furry and feathered friends.

Bird Bonanza

Manas Resort has many walk-in aviaries where guests are welcome to study or enjoy the company of the birds and moreover feed them.
From Macaws and African Grey parrots to Cochin Bantams, Manas Resort is an abode to many exotic birds, and a paradise for their lovers. Lose yourself in the melodious chirping of our avian buddies.

Canine City

The resort has a 15000 sq.ft off-leash pet park that houses a number of man’s best friends including Japanese Akitas, Siberian Huskies, and Jack Russell Terriers.
You are free to play fetch and rub their bellies to your heart’s content! You’ll also meet exotic mammals like Sugar Gliders, German Angoras and more. All these animals are well-trained to socialize with the guests.

Pet Paradise

You do not have to worry about leaving your beloved pet behind for a getaway at Manas Resort. Your pet will be pampered just as much as you at this pet-friendly resort.
Your pets can get a free run of the pet park, play with the in-house animals and splash in a pool specially built for pets. They can undergo training for better health and behavior. The park’s equipment like dog jump bar, see-saw, weave posts, etc., can work wonders for your pet’s agility. Their eating habits will be taken care of during your stay.

Hit the Road!

Manas Resort ensures you have a comfortable stay with a variety of accommodation options and amenities like infinity swimming pool, indoor and outdoor games, spa etc. What are you waiting for? Break off from the mundane routine, pack your bags, bundle up your pet, and head off to Manas Resort to rejuvenate yourself and become one with nature.